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skye84 started new topic Baby hates the taste of Pepti junior

My 2 month old has a possible dairy and soy intolerance so the pediatrician has prescribed Pepti junior. Bubs seems to hate the taste and only drinks half of what he usually would. Is there anythi...

Friday 16 August 03:37pm

skye84 replied to topic So on the weekend...

Some fractures take a week to show up (once the healing process begins) on x-rays. If he is still really sore take him back to the doctor they may need to treat it like a fracture and immobilise it...

Tuesday 11 June 09:44am

skye84 started new topic Need help on spelling Abbey/Abby/ Abbie

We have decided if bubs is a girl she will be named Abbey Quinn but unsure how to spell her first name. What is the most common spelling Abbey, Abby or Abbie? We want to be able to buy personalised...

Tuesday 30 April 10:00am

skye84 replied to topic Obstetrician won't let us meet the midwife

I don't think you can make your LMC a midwife and still have an OB as they would be LMC. I had an OB last time and hadn't met his midwives until I was in labour. It didn't worry me a...

Monday 29 April 02:13pm

skye84 replied to topic Need New Zealand Mummies help!

My sister is visiting from Queensland and is wearing jeans and long sleeve tops. Bring a jacket as its been raining a bit. It's not freezing, I'm still in shorts and a t-shirt.

Sunday 21 April 12:25pm

skye84 replied to topic My rights when it comes to heavy lifting???

You need to speak to a nursing union or occ health. You can also get your midwife/OB to put it in writing that you are to be put on light duties.

Monday 15 April 05:15pm

skye84 replied to topic Midwife says Elevit = expensive pee

My OB also says else it is a waste of money, he recommends blackmores pregnancy and breast feeding and folic acid until 3 months.

Sunday 14 April 09:38am

skye84 started new topic W position

I was a W sitter for a long time (even as a teenager) now I have a hip that subluxes. I think it's fine when they are little as long as they grow out if it.

Tuesday 26 March 05:47pm

skye84 replied to topic just having a whinge!

I agree you need to go on strike so he realizes how much you are doing. Being a stay at home mum can be more exhausting then going to work. Surely he could help for a couple of hours once he gets h...

Monday 11 February 11:53am

skye84 replied to topic Please help... helping baby drop

Bubs doesn't need to drop to go into labour don't stress. My DD didn't until I was well into labour.

Saturday 19 January 06:03am

skye84 replied to topic Nurses- what do you think?

Was probably a big overreaction by the doctor. Would say she doesn't have a pneumothorax as this would require her to be sent to ED immediately once the Chest X-ray was viewed.

Wednesday 16 January 04:58pm

skye84 replied to topic My in laws dog bit our child... What do we do!

If they are adamant that the dog stays inside maybe you could suggest getting a crate. My dog is fantastic with my little girl but whenever other children are over he is either locked in his crate ...

Tuesday 15 January 05:51pm

skye84 replied to topic Upset windy baby

Does infants friend help when you use it? I used infacol for every feed to get all of the wind out. Had to use it for EVERY feed otherwise bubs would get very upset from the wind. Got to a stage wh...

Friday 11 January 11:20am

skye84 replied to topic how much did u gain during pregnancy? and how much did u loose in the 3 months following birth?

Gained 9kgs lost 11 kgs within the first week.

Monday 07 January 03:34pm

skye84 replied to topic swim nappies

I always use the cloth swimming nappies as they are far cheaper. They only catch poo so I put them on just before DD gets into the pool. She has never pooped but would just clean it out and put it ...

Monday 07 January 02:36pm

skye84 replied to topic One question on wedding ettiquite...

I would give the gift you have already bought. We had a wishing well but some guest preferred giving gifts. I cherish the gifts we got. Just put a note in the card

Monday 07 January 02:29pm

skye84 started new topic After 11months of TTC

Congratulations that is fantastic! Don't worry too much about the vitamins just start taking them again.

Monday 07 January 09:33am

skye84 replied to topic Spelling Dilemma

The first spelling

Saturday 05 January 05:34pm

skye84 replied to topic infacol

I had to use it for every feed otherwise I couldn't get all of the wind up. It worked great

Thursday 27 December 07:30pm

skye84 started new topic infacol

I used to give it before every feed

Thursday 27 December 06:32pm
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