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Dany#1 replied to topic DUE JANUARY 2012 :)

Hay ladies! im due jan. but will have c-sec in december due to having TWINS! 14.5 weeks and having boy and girl fraternal twins! so excited!

Friday 29 July 07:12pm

Dany#1 replied to topic Heart beat on Ultrasound

Yup i saw my daughters heartbeat at 5 weeks and saw the twins at 5 weeks also! both got picked up on the doopler at 10 weeks Im pregnant with twins now! arghhhhh scary! lol

Tuesday 28 June 11:14pm

Dany#1 replied to topic Twins

Im 10 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. loving it so far been a bit sick but nothing tooo major! was way more sick with my Daughter! am getting big fastttt!! haha.

Tuesday 28 June 11:12pm

Dany#1 replied to topic What time do you (or have you) put a 3 month old to bed?

My bub is 14 weeks and goes down 9pm everynight and sleeps 10-11 hours then wakes up and has a fed and change and goes back to sleep till bout midday. lol she loves her sleep.

Friday 29 April 07:22am

Dany#1 replied to topic January 2011

Oooo mimicking! i got bayley to say mum back.. then she laughed hard out as if it was funny! i no she doesnt no what mum means yet but it still makes me all proud and happy that shes listening to ...

Friday 29 April 07:11am

Dany#1 replied to topic First time Mums to be-2011

hey guys im dany im 21 and i am a new mum to Bayley who was born on jan 26th! i absolutly LOVE being a mum

Friday 22 April 08:29am

Dany#1 replied to topic January 2011

Yay Easter weekend! On clothes size i had to pack up all bayleys clothes shes 12 weeks and now 00 and 0 haha. i have a tall bubs so everythings to short lol. i love clothes shopping for babies tho...

Friday 22 April 08:07am

Dany#1 replied to topic Did you have Hyperemsis with your 1st but not your 2nd?

O god brining back memories lol i had it soooooo bad with my daughter.. i lost 16 kgs in the first 14 weeks of being pregnant. was put in hospital as i was badly dehydrated and codnt keep anything ...

Thursday 21 April 07:31am

Dany#1 replied to topic After birth how long untill you got 'back on the horse'?

1 week 3 days! haha and it didnt hurt or nothing. i did however notice a change hahahaha.. i had no tears or stitches and i bled for only 6 days but i LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 21 April 07:27am

Dany#1 replied to topic keep the placenta

i kept mine i planted it with a rose tree as my daughters middle name is rose they are AWESOME nutrition for plants.

Thursday 21 April 07:22am

Dany#1 replied to topic Just for fun :)

10 days late. my daughter was born 7pound 6 ounces 55cm long

Thursday 21 April 07:17am

Dany#1 replied to topic Bleeding after birth?

I bled heavy for the first 2-3 days then after 5 days i stopped for 2 weeks then bleed for a week after that but just like period kind of bleeding.. everyone is different i found it worse when i st...

Thursday 21 April 07:05am

Dany#1 replied to topic lots of little pimple spots all over face

Milk spots! haha my daughter got them real bad! they cleared up wen she was 5-6 weeks.. Theyre funy ay lil pimples ya look at them and jus wanna squeeze em hahahaha but dont! lol

Thursday 21 April 06:54am

Dany#1 replied to topic Lazy eye / squint surgery

i had lazy eye surgery wen i was 2, im now 21. the surgery itself was a 45 min procedure but mine took 7 hours as my throat enclosed on the oxygen pipe and i stopped breathing.. The surgery itself ...

Thursday 21 April 06:52am

Dany#1 replied to topic Constipation - 4 week old

coloxyl drops! theyre the best thing, or brown sugar in boiled water..

Thursday 21 April 06:45am

Dany#1 replied to topic What is a typical day like with a newborn?

Im a new parent my baby is 12 weeks old and i was expecting sleepless nights, being stressed and all over the show. i got a really easy baby! im so blessed.. she sleeps 10-12 hrs a night. and thru ...

Thursday 21 April 06:30am

Dany#1 replied to topic Young mums

im a 21 yr old mum to a 12 week old lil girl and i LOVE it she is a really easy baby, never cries sleeps for hours and is just one happy baby!! cant wait for my next one!

Thursday 21 April 06:23am

Dany#1 replied to topic January 2011

i spose id call me and mi partner fertile too. I didnt plan on getting pregnant but had to stop the pill i was on so i could change to a diff one.. had to stop for 14 days to regulate my body then ...

Monday 18 April 03:31am

Dany#1 replied to topic Your Baby's Sleep

I have a 12 week old baby and she sleeps 10-12 hours a night.. I bath her around 7pm and then a small feed and she will hv a lil power napt then tummy time and some time in jolly jumper followed by...

Monday 18 April 01:08am

Dany#1 replied to topic Is your 8wk old this tall?

My daughter was born 56cm tall.. yes long baby haha. her dad is 6ft 4 so maybe that has somthing to do with it.. she was 61cm at 5 weeks and is 12 weeks and 70 cms. im guna hv one very tall girl

Sunday 17 April 08:54am
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