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mum2cg replied to topic 10 week old cutting side teeth

My little girl wasn't this young when her teeth started coming through but friend's of mine have had there little one's first tooth coming through at a similar age.. My little girl though got 2 bot...

Friday 06 January 11:27am

mum2cg started new topic Single Parents

I have just recently split up with my partner of 2 years and my close friend for 6yrs! Today is the first day of my EX taking my little girl to his house.. and god I feel horrible... she is only 14...

Monday 26 December 11:44pm

mum2cg replied to topic ABC centres

I work within Children's Services and from what I have heard this particular ABC Was pretty good. I also looked into it but couldn't get my daughter in as they had a waiting list! Let me know any o...

Friday 11 November 05:23am

mum2cg replied to topic Stupid Comments

Haha yes I know! God I was subject to another frustrating comment from two old ladies at the shops today. My little girl was throwing a little wobbly in the trolly because she wanted something and ...

Wednesday 09 November 11:07am

mum2cg replied to topic I need a 50th birthday cake

Malaga Cake Factory! Great Cakes & Reasonably priced

Tuesday 08 November 01:03am

mum2cg replied to topic help

I was told also at 20 weeks I was having a girl I had a girl but I still went and had a 3D scan at 32 weeks just to make sure:)

Tuesday 01 November 10:56pm

mum2cg replied to topic moving 0n from puree

My little girl was onto mash/fingers foods by this age. She also had no teeth until 11months(these are still not fully emerged) I found she didn't have any difficulty with mashed foods and now I do...

Tuesday 25 October 03:57am

mum2cg started new topic Problems with Constipation & Cows Milk

Hi All, My little girl is now one and I have started introducing Cows milk. I began giving it to her in a sippy cup once a day but have cut back since I noticed she was getting constipated. She has...

Tuesday 25 October 03:51am

mum2cg replied to topic Stupid Comments

Haha Ladies it is so funny to hear what some people come up with! I understand everyone has there opinion but sometimes - especially when you don't know the person it's best not to say anything!!!!...

Friday 21 October 10:06pm

mum2cg started new topic Stupid Comments

Today I took my little girl for her 12 months Vaccinations the nurse I hope did not have any children because she made several stupid comments that surely a mother would not have made.. The first ...

Friday 21 October 11:04am

mum2cg replied to topic teen mums and kids of teen mums

I am a teen mum 18 when I had my little girl , but my mum was not a teen mum she was 29 when she had me(her first child) So I don't think its really an accurate Statistic more so thing of Chance

Wednesday 19 October 10:33am

mum2cg replied to topic 'The Bottle'

I think you will find Honey is a big no no. Not only is it bad for there teeth but it should not be introduced until your child is at least one year old as it contains bacteria's that can be harmfu...

Saturday 08 October 08:10am

mum2cg started new topic When to stop bottles? & Give Cows Milk

My little girl will be 1 in 2 weeks time and Im wondering when you stopped giving a bottle and instead introduced a sippy/cup. Did you continue on with Formula or BF? Or did you switch to Cows Milk...

Monday 03 October 11:25am

mum2cg replied to topic Dr stuart Prosser and Mercy Hospital, Mt Lawley

Hi, I was under DR. Stuart Prosser he was a great ob! Very friendly made me feel very comfortable even though I had quite a lot of complications after birth! If I have another one I would definitel...

Tuesday 27 September 02:12am

mum2cg replied to topic 11month old waking at 3am

She does cry but its not a distressed really upset cry more just attention seeking whine.. and I don't think she is cold.. she sleeps with a quilt underneath her has long pjs on a gro bag and a bla...

Monday 19 September 08:14am

mum2cg started new topic 11month old waking at 3am

Hi All, My 11month old little girl has now decide she would like to start the day at 3 am... I've tried putting her back to sleep, giving her a bottle, patting her, leaving her to cry and nothing ...

Monday 19 September 03:03am

mum2cg replied to topic Young mums in perth

Hi all im in Rivervale So quite close to city

Sunday 18 September 12:23am

mum2cg started new topic Young mums in perth

Hi All, Just wondering if there is any young mums out there that attend playgroups or mothers groups? How old are you and How old are your bubs? Im a young mum and am looking for other young mums t...

Saturday 17 September 09:01am

mum2cg replied to topic 10 months old weight dropping 2 percentiles

My little girl was also the same weighing in at 7kgs at 10 1/2 months. She had dropped down to the 25th percentile. She too also crawls around and is very active! She eats plenty and plenty of milk...

Saturday 17 September 08:33am

mum2cg replied to topic Steelcraft Strider 3 For sale

What would you ideally like for it haha? I have no idea how much!

Wednesday 31 August 03:04am
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