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Christiele replied to topic Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! 3rd April 2013

I love that my son is always reminding me of everyone in our families. A cheeky grin that is so my dear old granny, a frown that looks just like my father-in-law, and when he swims he reminds me of...

Friday 05 April 10:07am

Christiele replied to topic TTC#2 after a cesarean

My obs told me to wait 18mths before ttc. I have also read that the best time in terms of primal conditions for new baby (I.e., full maternal recovery) is between 18 and 22 months (for conception)....

Wednesday 11 April 07:50pm

Christiele replied to topic Quick question about breastfeeding & Nipples!!

As everyone else says, Lansinoh is perfect- but I also found that getting my cracked and open nipples out in direct sunlight (just for about 5 mins... Don't get burnt!) did wonders! Your nipples sh...

Tuesday 12 April 03:40am

Christiele replied to topic WAAAAAH! So upset!

Don't stress- as long as you're giving your body and your bub lots of whole foods and fresh veg etc, you'll be fine. I put on 16kg throughout my whole pregnancy, which is more than advise- but lost...

Sunday 13 March 01:29am

Christiele started new topic Car seat installation??

Ok, so I've been assured by a midwife at the hospital that we do not have to have capsule professionally fitted before we take bubs home, yet so many folks tell me that it's essential or even the l...

Sunday 12 December 12:35am

Christiele replied to topic How long have you kept your pregnancy a secret

Told husband immediately - i.e. I felt a twinge when I ovulated (don't usually) and reported to him that I had a sneaking suspicion of what was going on in there. Then I told Mum and my sister once...

Sunday 12 December 12:27am

Christiele replied to topic SUGAR HIT!! breast feeding

Try having a big wholesome breakfast each morning- weetbix is perfect but anything like Miniwheats or Just Right - whole grains, fruit and milk. Don't worry about low fat milk - whole milk is only ...

Sunday 12 December 12:18am
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