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b'smummy replied to topic Catnapping + Controlled Crying Hysteria!

First of all, hugs to you! It is really tough trying to work all this out for your little one! I too had a catnapper for the first 8 months of my DS life, but he had reflux which didn't get diagnos...

Sunday 16 October 07:11am

b'smummy replied to topic "Save Our Sleep" - anyone try it?

Hi! After looking at a few different routine books, I chose SOS. I found this one easiest to follow and also there is lots of other good info and tips in the book. I live a fairly structured li...

Saturday 23 April 05:56am

b'smummy replied to topic Sleep Through the Night

Hi! Just thought I'd let you know I was a bit like this with my bub when he was 2 months old. And it turned out I was just expecting too much. If your baby is taking a full bottle at 3am it is beca...

Saturday 23 April 05:41am

b'smummy replied to topic Constipation

Hi, I read this in a couple of baby books, so decided to try it when my DS became constipated after putting him on formula. I was also told this was OK by my GP and MHCN. I used 1/4 teaspoon brown ...

Friday 22 April 06:59am
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