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Gigglepot replied to topic Bottle Feeding

My 5 week old is formula fed on SMA. The last couple of days he has been looking for a fed every 1 1/2hr - 2 hrs. When he has a full bottle he drinks about 120ml - 140ml not all the time will he h...

Tuesday 29 March 04:13am

Gigglepot replied to topic Sex Every Day Or Every Second Day?

Hi! It takes approximately 3 days to rebuild the sperm count; sperm has a 3 day life span once dispatched. I have a two year old and am 27 weeks pregnant. I have found that the easiest way to get p...

Tuesday 29 March 03:59am

Gigglepot replied to topic Sibling Rivalry - Preparing your child for the arrival of a new sibling

My two year old is so excited about becoming a big brother! We told him about the new baby at about 12 weeks; I am now 29 weeks. We show him photos from when he was a baby, I let him help set up th...

Tuesday 29 March 03:47am
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