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Belsco replied to topic Does anyone elses bub use finger as a comforter??

Hi Sorry cant offer any advice on how to stop the use of your dds finger as a comforter but thought id share Ella's habbit with you. I give her a blanket/wrap to sleep with (helped enable me to s...

Tuesday 14 September 07:07pm

Belsco replied to topic What's everyones 13 month old up to

Hi My Ella is 13months, starting to walk more but still crawling alot. She cant stand herself up without using something to pull herself up. But just in the last few days i've noticed her getting...

Wednesday 04 August 02:46pm

Belsco replied to topic bedtime routines?

Hi, I bet you are at your wits end. I'm pretty lucky (touch wood) with Ella (13mnths) that she sleeps through most nights. She hs been through plenty of little phases where she's woken lots of ti...

Monday 02 August 10:30am

Belsco replied to topic going nuts!!!!

Hi guys thanks for the replies, it really is good to know your not alone sometimes! Ella is doing much better, she's still got a bit of a runny tummy but her nappy rash is all but cleared up and ...

Wednesday 28 July 06:48am

Belsco started new topic going nuts!!!!

Hi, Just needed to vent! Its been a tough week and i'm feeling like im just about at boiling point! My poor little DD has been sick, she's got some sort of virus which affected her breathing, hea...

Monday 26 July 09:39am

Belsco replied to topic 1yr hates meal times!

Hi You gotta love them but dont they just drive you nuts sometimes! My 1yr old angel has been pretty much the same as your little one up until just recently, say the last week (touch wood... be...

Monday 19 July 08:53am

Belsco replied to topic To all the mums of catnapper babies:

Hi Lara I know how you feel. Ella has always been a catnapper, her routine right up until i think she was about 7mnths old was 40 minute catnaps through the day, starting her day at between 5.30am...

Monday 31 May 07:17am

Belsco replied to topic JUNE- Recipe of the Month

Kiddie Piklets 2cups Self Raising Flour 2eggs 1tin baby apple (or any flavour) 1/2 cup baby juice (any flavour) milk... to make sloppy mix pinch of cinnimon cook up as miniture piklets, then eat ...

Tuesday 18 May 06:05pm

Belsco replied to topic Slack Friend

Hi Melissa i have a friend who is very similar, i'm always the one ringing her and making the effort, and I often get peeved with her because of it, but i spoke to her about it, told her it really...

Tuesday 18 May 05:58pm

Belsco replied to topic What to give 9 month old for lunch?

Hi, My little one's not much of a lunch eater, but i've found she loves cheese sticks (or the cubes you can buy) so somedays i'll give her a cheese stick (I break it up and give it to her in bits)...

Tuesday 18 May 05:49pm


Hi I know your babes spots have all cleared up now, but thought id write anyway. I took Ella (10.5months) to chemist yesterday arvo (too late for dr) with spots and he assured me she had chicken p...

Sunday 16 May 09:06am

Belsco replied to topic how big is your baby?????

Hi, Their weights are always such a concern to us arent they! At 6mnths old Ella was 7.42kg and 67cm. Now at 10.5months she's 8.78kg and 74cm.... a little on the skinny side but our health nurse ...

Sunday 16 May 09:01am

Belsco replied to topic Help my 11 month old is spitting food out!

Hi My 10.5month old is doing exactly the same thing. She chews her food, then rather than swallowing it spits it all straight out. Sometimes she doesnt even bother to chew it, just spits it out a...

Sunday 16 May 08:54am

Belsco replied to topic Recipes

Hi there, Has been ages since ive been able to get on here and have a look, you sure have got some great recipes floating around now. Have written most of them down to try. Sorry have nothing to ...

Friday 30 April 09:44am

Belsco started new topic Fussy Eater!!

Hi all, Was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions... my 10month old daughter Ella is proving to be way too fussy with her food. if i give her chopped up pieces of fruit, lumps of mince, pi...

Thursday 29 April 06:56pm

Belsco replied to topic my 9 month old won't hold his bottle...

Hi, My daughter is 9.5months and wont hold her bottle either. She will when she's drinking water, but not milk... i honestly must say i dont mind though, she only has 3 bottles a day and its prett...

Monday 26 April 07:20am

Belsco replied to topic teething and refusing food

Hi Jennie. My daughter Ella (now 9.5months) also became really fussy when her teeth were coming through.. she plainly refused most food for a few days. I found pureed fruit straight out of the fri...

Monday 12 April 02:42pm

Belsco replied to topic unsettled 5 1/2 month old

Hi sorry... bit ditzy today!!! just re read your post and realised she is bottle fed so excuse my airiness... long day! Bel

Friday 13 February 09:09pm

Belsco replied to topic unsettled 5 1/2 month old

Hi, You poor thing, you must be exhausted!!! Does rubbing her gums seeem to help at all?? if you think it might be her gums Brauer Teething Relief might be worth a try, it's homeapathic so there...

Friday 13 February 09:08pm

Belsco replied to topic Controlled Crying - HELP

Hi Leanne I started a very soft version of controlled crying with my daughter when she was about 6-7wks old... I would put her down in her cot, if she started to cry (not just whinge) i'd pat her ...

Friday 13 February 08:59pm
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