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mamma bear

mamma bear started new topic teeth and solids?

my 10 month old son has no teeth and no look of them coming through any time soon, i was wondering do i still feed him 9 month old baby food or should i stay with the puree'd food until he has teet...

Wednesday 11 June 02:00pm
mamma bear

mamma bear started new topic bow legged and pigeon toed

my 9 month old baby boy has bow legs and a slight pigeon family says it is becasue he started to stand too early...he was 3-4 months when he wanted to stand and kept trying until he was u...

Saturday 10 May 07:59pm
mamma bear

mamma bear started new topic when do babies normally get teeth?

my little bundle of joy is now 8 months going onto 9 and still has no teeth at all and nothing to show signs of them erupting any time soon, is this normal or not. he gets into these biting fits bu...

Thursday 24 April 05:53pm
mamma bear

mamma bear replied to topic weird arm joints

thank you for that, i did find out that he was double jointed and the doctor said that it was completely normal, i just felt a little helpless as it seemed very weird to me. thank you for that.

Tuesday 08 April 05:36pm
mamma bear

mamma bear replied to topic post natal depression

i went through a stage where i felt constantly run down, stressing about the baby, my relationship with my partner, parents and friends and due to this i slipped into an even more depressed state. ...

Monday 17 March 11:22pm
mamma bear

mamma bear started new topic weird arm joints

my child is 6 months old and his arms look like they can bend backwards and at the shoulders. when you pick him up i freak out because his arm is almost twisted all the way around. has anyone had t...

Monday 17 March 11:11pm
mamma bear
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