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E_Jw replied to topic Did it go fast for you?

I found out at 5 weeks too, and had her between 25-27 weeks so it went very fast!

Tuesday 15 November 04:17am

E_Jw started new topic Formula with 14 month old

Hey I'm curious about a couple of things, and find this the best place to get advice and suggestions! So DD was born between 25-27 weeks and was 1016g at birth and dropped to 690g within a week. S...

Sunday 13 November 06:49am

E_Jw started new topic Sweating!

Does anyone else have a problem with their bub sweating excessively? DD (14 months) sweat's so bad after each nap and drive in the car she needs a complete change of clothes and bedding (including ...

Friday 11 November 07:05am

E_Jw replied to topic How Heavy At 6 Months?

WOW! My 14 month old is only just 8kg! (And hovering a little lower!)

Friday 11 November 06:59am

E_Jw started new topic Maxi Cosi Carseats

Hey Doe's anyone on her have a Maxi Cosi carseat? I am wanting to get a new cover for our 'Tobi' model but have no idea how...? Can anyone help me out?! Thanks

Friday 11 November 06:48am

E_Jw started new topic DUROMINE..

Hi So i'm looking at going to the weight loss drug Duromine... Is anyone on it/ been on it? How much is it? Was it worth it? I am not massive, but, I have a hip issue so really want to loose weigh...

Tuesday 01 November 05:47am

E_Jw replied to topic coffee group/play group

If you are on FaceBook, we have created a page called "Mummy and Baby Group Christchurch". This is a fairly new group, and we are planning to do a big meet and greet. hey has any1 started a cof...

Sunday 09 October 11:14pm

E_Jw replied to topic It's been two weeks since I miscarried..

Thanks for the replies everyone It's nice to hear other's have been through similar things! I have one bub already, who is one but was born 3 months early. With her I had an emergency c section w...

Tuesday 04 October 05:43am

E_Jw started new topic It's been two weeks since I miscarried..

So basically it's been two weeks since I miscarried, and scans in the days after revealed there was still massive clots in there. I was given some medication to contract the uterus and let me pass ...

Tuesday 04 October 04:40am

E_Jw started new topic Midwife

As the title says, can anyone recommend me a midwife, and why? Cheers

Thursday 15 September 10:56pm

E_Jw started new topic Strider DLX...

As the title says: -Can you attach a toddler seat? -And does anyone know if any other brands of capsule fit in the pram? It kind of looks like Milano ones would?! I have looked for a website but i...

Saturday 10 September 04:15am

E_Jw replied to topic Coffee/Playdate

Hey im a 23 year old mum with a 2 year son and a 6 week old girl who would like to meet some more people for a coffee/playdate. I live out in rakaia on a dairy farm but often go into Chch Hi, W...

Friday 09 September 01:30am

E_Jw replied to topic Driving me nuts!!!

oh that must be frustrating when at he hosptial, if shes refusing the bottle maybe thats whats effecting her sleep? have you considered making dinner earlier, than her bath and bottle? id say if ...

Thursday 08 September 02:28am

E_Jw replied to topic Driving me nuts!!!

i agree, less is definately more IMO, babies are far to easialy distracted at that age. if shes happy without a dummy keep it that way take it from me theyre more trouble in the end then theyre wo...

Thursday 08 September 02:08am

E_Jw started new topic Driving me nuts!!!

I am after some ideas!! DD is 11.5months, 8.5 months corrected. Obviously she was very premature and has had a bumpy year, and a heap of medical tests/interventions and this is where I think our i...

Thursday 08 September 12:08am

E_Jw replied to topic Premmie sick all the time

Hi, I think you're wee one may be just going through the typical stage of getting sick as he was not too prem. My DD was born at 30 weeks weighing 1016g (2pd 2oz) and has respiratory problems so on...

Tuesday 30 August 12:36am

E_Jw replied to topic Nappy not lasting the night

We also have this problem, but also my DD is 11.5 months and only 6kg so doesn't fit the bigger nappies otherwise they really overflow! So basically we leave the right size nappy on and use a flat ...

Monday 29 August 02:26am

E_Jw replied to topic Are there any sheep farming mummies to be here?

Their poo's you shouldn't touch because of the eggs that could be in them. Best to wear gloves and make sure you wash you're hands lots. Also, if a ewe aborts, don't touch the fetus, that can be da...

Saturday 20 August 03:47am

E_Jw replied to topic would you leave your baby to visit a sick relative

I know it's a week or so old post, but just thought i'd add I recently had to do this, I had to fly over to see my very sick sister in another country. My DD was too 10 months old and was medically...

Friday 19 August 12:20am

E_Jw replied to topic Baby Girl Names

If its a girl first name Isabella-Rose What do you think? That's exactly my DD's name.. we didn't realise when we chose it that her initials spell 'IRD' LOL!

Friday 19 August 12:11am
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