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**Lennon** replied to topic Kindergarden compulsory???????

Kindergarden as in primary school? The year before yr1? It already is compulsory.

Friday 19 November 01:37am

**Lennon** replied to topic Depression

I was diagnosed with PND after my 3rd child and that later led to a diagnosis of BP. Over the years I have tried both medication and therapy and trying to get through it on my own and I have to say...

Friday 12 November 10:28pm

**Lennon** replied to topic What would you have done??

I would have left him. All 3 of my children started pre school at 2 and in the last 4 years we have used two different schools. All the teachers have said the same on days when one of my children ...

Friday 12 November 10:18pm

**Lennon** replied to topic Is it strange

Um yeah, it is a bit odd. If you really want your new bub to have both surenames, then why dont you change DS's surename to both aswell?

Friday 12 November 10:10pm

**Lennon** replied to topic Dinner help...

This is quick and simple and really yummy!! Dice up your chook and brown. Pour in your fave pasta sauce ( like like a romana or any other type of tomato based cheesy one). Bring to the boil then s...

Thursday 11 November 12:55am

**Lennon** replied to topic Would you be offended if

Yup, I sure would! I have the same problem with my own parents, well, mainly my mother. Didnt want us at her house because it wasn't child proof and "the children might get hurt". Surprisingly th...

Wednesday 10 November 10:15pm

**Lennon** replied to topic Help! - piercings

You'll need some pointy nosed pliers to put inside the ring and gently and carefully stretch it open. It might be easier if you get someone else to do it. Good luck!

Monday 08 November 09:57pm

**Lennon** replied to topic Does anyone know our rights??

Yup, it's definately 24 hours. They can ring and ask with less notice, but you're totally within your rights to say no without worrying that you're not holding up your end of the deal.

Monday 08 November 09:43pm

**Lennon** replied to topic Some women shouldn't be allowed to have children

OMG! I feel sick to my stomach! That is just........ I dont have the words to describe what it is. I hope her other children will be placed together in a safe and nurturing home. I hope that the ...

Monday 08 November 09:35pm

**Lennon** replied to topic love my DF!!

WOW! What an amazing thing to happen! It would have taken a LOT of courage, congratulations!! Glad it all went well and that everyone is safe and well!

Sunday 07 November 01:36am

**Lennon** replied to topic Newbie Alert!

Thanks for the welcome girls! I dont mind if things get a bit bumpy now and then. Keeps life interesting

Sunday 07 November 01:18am

**Lennon** started new topic Newbie Alert!

Hi there everyone! As the title suggests I'm the new kid on the block. I've had a bit of a look around and this looks like a great, informative forum. I really look foreward to being a part of it...

Tuesday 02 November 01:16am
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