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beck13 replied to topic Lonely.

Hi Lyndality, I live near you and know how you feel. I started back at work when my DS was 6mths old as well he is now 10 mths. Luckily though I am only back part time and am able to still attend m...

Tuesday 19 September 09:01am

beck13 replied to topic add's your kids love

Hi there, my 8 month old boy loves the McDonalds add with the floating food, he can be upset and as soon as that add comes on the world is a better place again. It is the funniest thing to watch. H...

Tuesday 04 July 08:35am

beck13 replied to topic SUNRISE THISMORNING??

I was a smoker and stopped the minute I found out I was pregnant. It was not hard to do because I knew it would be best for my son in the long run. I do however know people who have smoked right th...

Friday 09 June 09:01am

beck13 replied to topic Waking Half Hourly Crying - Desperate!

Hi Zaccy's mum, I have the same problem at the moment that is why I am looking through the forum. I have a 6 and a half month old little man. He used to sleep through the night or at least till aro...

Friday 02 June 08:54am

beck13 replied to topic How did you come up with you childs Name????

I let my partner name our son. I was sick of coming home with names and he didn't like any of them so in the end he was called Brodi. His full name is Brodi Hugh Thomas. Brodi because his Daddy li...

Tuesday 30 May 08:38am

beck13 replied to topic NOVEMBER 05 BABIES

Hi my little man was born the 17th Nov and Sunshine hospital in Melb. Gave me a hard time with it but it was all worth it in the end. He is now sitting up on his own and has his two front teeth. He...

Friday 26 May 09:59am

beck13 replied to topic star signs

Hi there, my little man is a Scorpio 17th Nov. I am very happy about that because I am as well. I was hoping he would be born in time. I am waiting to see just how many little heated discussions we...

Friday 26 May 09:18am

beck13 started new topic Baby Talk

Hi, I am just thinking about getting the baby talk book and was wondering if anyone has read it and found it useful. I am worried I am not giving my 6 month old enough stimulation through the day. ...

Friday 26 May 09:11am
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