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crazyboys replied to topic Eczema

It's been awhile since I've had to use a steriod cream for DS but I thought you needed to continue this cream for like a week after symptoms had gone??? check with your doctor or chemist. You might...

Monday 25 April 04:23pm

crazyboys replied to topic to be induced or not to be induced...??

I was induced with my 2nd DS and only have good things to say about it. Having another child that had never been away from me or DH it made it easier knowing when we were going in and could talk to...

Saturday 26 February 05:11pm

crazyboys replied to topic Vitex to boost fertility

Stop taking it at ovulation. I think (it's been awhile) slowly weaned myself off, so the week after ovulation I only took it every second day and then stopped. I'm positive Vitex got me pregnant wi...

Thursday 24 February 01:37am

crazyboys replied to topic EFTPOS cards

It doesn't worry me at all either. I find that most small businesses tend to keep it and wait for the receipt to give it back, it's only the places like Kmart, Coles etc where I put the card in mys...

Sunday 21 November 07:26am

crazyboys replied to topic DD's sensitive skin - what products can I use?

DD's cheeks have been angry red often lately, so I took her to the Dr today. He said it looks as though she has some sensitivity to chemicals in everyday items...wipes, bubble bath, washing powder...

Sunday 21 November 07:22am
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