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dolphin replied to topic 3 month old fights sleep

I'm sure it is something that they all go through. Our baby is 4 1/2 months old now. She started doing the same thing around the 3 month mark. During the day she usually has three 1/2 hour sleep...

Sunday 08 June 04:46pm

dolphin replied to topic sleep time

my daughter is now 3 1/12 months old. she was going to bed at round 9.00pm quite happily until about 2 weeks ago, then all of sudden at 8.00pm she was whingy and we would have a screaming match fo...

Monday 05 May 04:34am

dolphin replied to topic New to the forum

Hi Kerrie Nice to meet you. I am 28 with 3 month old Madeline. It has been a steep learning curve for my husband and I as Madeline was born 6 weeks premature. Everything was ok with her, she wa...

Sunday 27 April 05:32pm

dolphin replied to topic baby bonding with dads

Dear Barmy Our daugher is 14 weeks old and from day 1 my husband changed nappies, bathed and dressed her, etc. He still does this without giving it another thought and usually fights me to do the...

Sunday 27 April 05:13pm

dolphin replied to topic breastfeeding

hello, i'm not sure dramas you are having but here is my experience so far. we would be interested to know as one of us may be going through the same thing right now or have experienced it recen...

Thursday 24 April 06:14am

dolphin started new topic Breastfed babies & bowel movements

My baby is 4 weeks old. I am breastfeeding her. She has not had a bowel movement since Wednesday 12/2/03 (7 days). I am told that it is normal for a breastfed baby to go without a bowel movement...

Wednesday 19 February 09:13pm
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