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Iziani replied to topic an oldie under an alais

Just wanted you to be aware that a lot of porn sites automatically take you to websites for meeting girls in your area after you have viewed a video. If you look at the history does it show that he...

Tuesday 13 November 03:51pm

Iziani replied to topic Anyone have a cpap machine?

In order to get the best machine and mask to suit him he really needs to go through a sleep clinic. Once you have an overnight sleep study and they diagnose sleep apnea you then go back and have an...

Saturday 13 October 12:13pm

Iziani replied to topic Is this normal 9yr old behaviour? Lol

No it's not normal behavior- the multiple layers of undergarments in particular. That is a classic sign of sexual abuse. Watching your daughter go to the toilet sounds like a fascination with geni...

Sunday 26 February 06:27am

Iziani replied to topic Skippy'!!!!!!!!

I've been reading and watching for a long time but can't seem to have the time actually make posts and talk to you all, so finally my little bubby DS2 is 4 months and we've been to sleep school an...

Thursday 09 February 09:48am

Iziani replied to topic Meals

We have been sticking to a menu plan for the last two years since and save a fortune by planning ahead. For the first few weeks it can be hard but it is brilliant to have the stress and worry taken...

Sunday 22 January 04:28am

Iziani replied to topic Just need to vent!

Growing up and until I met my husband, I struggled from very low confidence and low self esteem. My sister was (and still is) exactly the same. We know it has a lot to do with our childhood althou...

Wednesday 11 January 10:30am

Iziani replied to topic anyone wanna play a game??

1.have you ever been on a plane, boat, train? Yep yep yep you have any kids? how many? 2 beautiful girls you have any pets? what are they? 1 black lab, 2 stripey cats and a furry man

Friday 23 December 10:18pm

Iziani replied to topic just need some advice from someone with experience in

Hi I'm on my iPhone in a break so here is a quick answer. Get him into the best rehab program he or your family can afford. It is too hard to do it alone and he will probably need to detox before...

Tuesday 29 November 02:12am

Iziani replied to topic Chalys

Wrong topic!

Tuesday 29 November 02:09am

Iziani replied to topic Has anyone heard about the new food bill in NZ?

It makes me furious that a government is trying to restrict exactly what experts say is best for our health, economy and culture- eat locally, eat seasonally, eat fresh and share resources within y...

Sunday 27 November 04:24am

Iziani replied to topic How does your child feel about Santa Claus?

There is an ongoing fight in my house between DD1 (13) and DD2(3) over who is coolest-Justin Beiber or Santa. I am siding with DD2. No one tops the man in the red suit. We saw Santa at a festival...

Saturday 26 November 10:30am

Iziani replied to topic Just got an iPhone 4s

They are beautiful aren't they? Lol! One must have app is 'find iPhone' so you can see on a map where your phone is if you lose it and either lock, wipe it or send it a message so it can be returne...

Saturday 26 November 09:42am

Iziani replied to topic Illegal immigrants.

Totally agree with everything Cruxy and Happy head have said.I wish I could articulate my thoughts like that This issue is the result of media scaremongering and plays on people's baser instincts ...

Saturday 19 November 06:08am

Iziani replied to topic Do you feed your baby coke?

The most WTF moment I have ever had was watching a mother at the shops lay her cigarette on the ground so she could unscrew her 8- 10 month old baby's bottle and fill it with coke from her can then...

Friday 18 November 04:51am

Iziani replied to topic Wow - materialism much?...

You sound like you may be a little jealous and can't afford one. Thanks for proving my last point. Much appreciated.

Thursday 17 November 04:28am

Iziani replied to topic Wow - materialism much?...

Buggered if I would buy a preschooler an expensive piece of equipment that breaks if they drop it. I have no problem with kids being tech savy but one each? If they are only used occasionally 'for ...

Thursday 17 November 03:36am

Iziani replied to topic personal question

I would love never having to use a toilet after DH again.

Thursday 06 October 10:22am

Iziani replied to topic personal question

hey i was reading something before and it said for them to be happy in there relationship they need to take a break and he needs to sleep with other people and so on so my question is do you thin...

Thursday 06 October 10:17am

Iziani replied to topic Think I'm going to pull my hair out!!!

It's horrible isn't it. I think it is worse for the parents hearing them so unsettled. Hang in there. I don't have any advice other than keep up the panadol, crank up the vaporiser and give her lot...

Thursday 06 October 10:05am

Iziani replied to topic OK- here goes....

Well, I understood your post and agreed with you. I do think it would have upset people with genuine problems which I assume is why you tried to word it as nicely as possible. There certainly is...

Thursday 06 October 09:51am
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