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TRE3 replied to topic Mumma's to meet up and have coffee/lunch or playdates

Hi there yep still around the area

Wednesday 08 February 02:46am

TRE3 replied to topic When to wash babys hair with shampoo?

I tried absolutely everything to get rid of DS cradle cap and the only thing that worked was dermaveen baby shampoo (it's an oatmeal based shampoo), it cleared it up in 2 day it was great as DS had...

Monday 04 July 06:22am

TRE3 replied to topic Put a smile on ya dial

On YouTube look up soilders surprising loved ones part on, it gets me every time! (I don't no how to do the link)

Thursday 30 June 06:14am

TRE3 replied to topic Childcare fees....

Our day care is $68 a day but with the benefit we pay $48 a week for two days and that includes nappys (as DS is still in the nursery) and we also recieve the rebate.

Thursday 30 June 02:38am

TRE3 replied to topic Febrile Convulsion

Um, My son has had Febrile convulsions 4 times now.He is 5 now, so I am hoping he never has one again.Even after 4 times it is still scarey and we have had a couple of ambulance rides.I have been ...

Wednesday 22 June 09:06pm

TRE3 replied to topic why should I feel bad

I would love to stay home with DS all day everyday and I'm jealous of you lol I only work because I have to not because I want to and I think you have an amazing opportunity to stay home with bubb...

Wednesday 22 June 06:37am

TRE3 replied to topic Febrile Convulsion

It was horrible and we had him back to the dr on Sunday because he wasn't getting better but now he is on antibiotics and is getting better so fingers crossed it never happens again

Wednesday 22 June 06:28am

TRE3 replied to topic Febrile Convulsion

I've watched him even more than normal this past week I'm running on little sleep lol but thank you for your advice they didn't tell me about the tepid baths <img src='

Wednesday 22 June 06:23am

TRE3 started new topic Febrile Convulsion

Tuesday last week we were out to lunch and my DS had a sniffly nose in the morning nothing to be concerned about normally so I was feeding him lunch and he wasn't interested so I packed it away loo...

Wednesday 22 June 06:13am

TRE3 replied to topic Small black strings in poo

Has she had a full banana? My friend tol me today that her baby's poo was all stringy after eating a full banana. If your concerned you could always give the health line a call

Wednesday 22 June 03:10am

TRE3 replied to topic For women who want to ask questions about circumcision

Hi everyone, My son was circumcised when he was 5 wks. How do I clean his penis after the plastibell falls off? Do I push back the skin? Do I use a cotton bud? Thanks In the first two weeks w...

Tuesday 21 June 06:33am

TRE3 started new topic Curious

So I was just playing around on here and read a comment and it got me thinking... Why do we feel that we need to explain why we formula feed our babies or breast feed our babies to other people? I...

Monday 30 May 06:30am

TRE3 replied to topic Esanda Finance

I wouldn't suggest using them unless there your last option. Our interest rate is 16.9% but thankfully w can refinance soon and get away from them

Sunday 08 May 01:02am

TRE3 replied to topic please vote for your favourites

I like Leo and Audrey

Saturday 07 May 07:34am

TRE3 replied to topic WAAAAAAH! Someone care to tell me...

I think boys are ment to be destructive lol! My DS is 9.5months old and already smashes his toys together he has also learnt to throw now so it's always fun when you get hit unexpectedly by a toy ...

Thursday 05 May 06:08am

TRE3 replied to topic is it ok to handraise a peachick when pregnant?

Maybe speak to you dr or even a vet might be able to help give you the answers you need

Thursday 05 May 01:30am

TRE3 replied to topic Middle name for Rachel

Rachel Louise Rachel Lee Rachel May Rachel Lily Rachel Jade Rachel Kay Just to name a few

Wednesday 04 May 06:06am

TRE3 replied to topic How old are you?

I'm 22 turning 23 in October (although I thInk my memory might be a lot older, I did just have to work out how old I was Haha)

Tuesday 03 May 07:58am

TRE3 replied to topic JULY 2010 Babies

Oo I finally found the July 2010 babies thread mind if I join? my boy Ethan was born 13 July at 9:03pm by emergenc c-section. I tried joining the fb page bu the link didn't work for me :/

Saturday 30 April 07:18am

TRE3 replied to topic weird night noises

It's normal my DS is 9 months and now actually sleep talks "dad dad dad" hehe I find it rather cute

Friday 22 April 03:13am
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