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MARIAV started new topic Endometriosis

Hello Ladies, I am writing on behalf of my sister, She has been trying for a baby for almost 3 years now and after having a laparoscopy she was diagnosed with endometriosis. The doc put her on m...

Wednesday 14 April 09:56am

MARIAV replied to topic stroring clothes

Thanks for the advise everyone, i will try the vacuum bags, cheers Maria

Wednesday 14 April 09:22am

MARIAV started new topic outgrown baby clothes

Hi to all, Is it just me or has everyone got piles and piles of outgrown baby clothes ? If you have what have you done with these? How have you stored them away and does anyone know how to stop t...

Sunday 11 April 02:59pm

MARIAV started new topic stroring clothes

Hello Ladies, Can someone give me some tips on what they did with their outgrown babies clothes. Did you give them away? keep them ? or sell them? If you stored them away how did you do this? Di...

Sunday 11 April 02:56pm

MARIAV replied to topic Swimming Lessons

Your welcome 'Flintstones' From Maria V

Saturday 13 March 07:44pm

MARIAV replied to topic anyone got any ideas?

Hi Narelle, Here are a few i found in my baby book with their meanings.... 'Gymea' Meaning Giant Lily in Australian Aboriginal 'Geneva ' Meaning gateway, its Latin... Lets us all know which one ...

Thursday 04 March 07:37pm

MARIAV replied to topic Swimming Lessons

Hey Flintstone, Wondering if you have found a place yet to attend swimming lessons ( water awarness ) with your baby? I can recommend the 'Sydney Aquatic Centre' ( not sure if that is out of the ...

Saturday 28 February 07:46pm

MARIAV replied to topic isn't sitting up

Hi Tyrhys, Its great your son at 3 months is lifting his head, he is a determined little boy. By lifting his head up he is strengthening his neck muscles in fact everytime he does this he is streng...

Monday 23 February 09:45am

MARIAV replied to topic NAPPIES / PULLUPS

Hi Karen, Thanks for that great advise, the sticky tape really works and now i have a roll handy at her change table. Great, this months problem has been solved Maria

Monday 23 February 09:26am

MARIAV replied to topic Dressing is a Nightmare

Hi, I had pretty much the same question posted, anyway i received some great advise ! Give the baby some sticky tape in their hands and they will be transfixed for sometime trying to remove it fr...

Monday 23 February 09:22am

MARIAV started new topic NAPPIES / PULLUPS

Hi, Can you use pullup nappies for babies, ie an 8 month old? I realise they are generally used for toddlers in the 'between stage. The reason I ask is that I am finding it extremely difficul...

Tuesday 17 February 02:45pm

MARIAV replied to topic Birth Stories

Hello, I had my first child on June 27th 2003 I was ovedue for 3 days and then all of a sudden my waters broke around 6 in the morning whilst my husband and i were sleeping, funnily enough i was ...

Saturday 29 November 09:40pm

MARIAV replied to topic How much does your 71/2 month old weigh?

Hello Ladies, My daughter Emily (5months) cannot be left alone thru the day. Generally she is a fantastic baby eats & sleeps well but when she is awake if i do not include her in everything i do ...

Saturday 29 November 08:45pm
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