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Bendigo Mum

Bendigo Mum replied to topic Who is your home loan with?

MECU. No fees just a one off establishment fee ($600 from memory). We got the first home owners loan, which has a rate that remains slightly lower than the standard variable. Free redraw. Service h...

Friday 14 January 10:45pm
Bendigo Mum

Bendigo Mum replied to topic where did i go wrong

HI Ri Ri, You have done nothing wrong. My little girl did exactly the same thing. From 3 months she was sleeping 9-11 hours overnight and I was THRILLLED. Then at 4 months she started waking up ...

Friday 14 January 10:28pm
Bendigo Mum

Bendigo Mum replied to topic What is in your vege garden?

6 tomato plants that are going great guns - plenty of tomatoes on there and they are just starting to ripen. Capsicum Chillis Mint, Coriander, basil and other herbs. Enough potato plants to feed th...

Monday 03 January 05:27am
Bendigo Mum

Bendigo Mum replied to topic Anyone live in Bendigo VIC?

I totally disagree with the comment about not being from Bendigo and not being welcome. I moved to Bendigo 5 years ago for work and people were LOVELY. Both people who had lived their all their l...

Sunday 02 January 04:53am
Bendigo Mum
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