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nikki6 replied to topic Any 1 preg and on there own?

hi kelly, I too am preg. with my 3rd i have recently separated from my partner. i will add you to my messenger Nicolle

Monday 15 January 09:58pm

nikki6 replied to topic Average weight for 2 -3 yr olds??

Hi my son is 21 mths he is 90cms and 11.6kg .

Friday 24 March 09:23pm

nikki6 replied to topic Epigastric Hernia

hi my son has had a groin herniawhen he was 10 weeks old which had to be operated on straight away. He also has a an unbilical & epigastric hernias which the surgeon will not operate on til he is ...

Friday 24 March 06:09am

nikki6 replied to topic Help 13 month old constipated since 4 months old.

i wouldn't use parachoc on a 13mo as they warning on the label states that they should lie down for 2hrs or so because they could aspirate the parafin into their lungs , which can be nasty . my son...

Monday 22 August 06:36pm

nikki6 replied to topic Little seizures?

hi Waiorere, my son had these lil seisures they were scary to say thee least but @ 4mths or so grew out of them. he had an eeg which ruled out epilepsy. he is under a paed which he sees for a numb...

Tuesday 14 December 10:06pm

nikki6 replied to topic What do babies wear swimming

GREY FOX there was a swimming nappy bought out by huggies a few years ago . i am pretty sure u can still get them.. i think they were called little swimmers u can get them from coles n safewa...

Wednesday 03 November 09:59pm

nikki6 replied to topic Night feeds????

hi james mum what i thought was my lil bub waking cos he was hungry wasnt, he was getting cold during the night. i found this out one night he woke @ bout 2am knowing that he shoulnt be hungry ...

Wednesday 03 November 09:21pm

nikki6 replied to topic Introducing Solids to baby with Allergies

my daughter has allergies/anaphylaxis. but we did start on rice cereal mixed with cool boiled water. rice cereal is really bland so it should be ok. there is/was no lactose or milk in it It is ...

Saturday 30 October 08:15am

nikki6 replied to topic Any Mums with babies with special needs?

my daughter daughter has since about 6mths of age had "chronic wheeze" later diagnosed with chronic severe asthma. from about 12mthd had anaphylaxis to nuts eggs sesame oranges, all dairy, strawb...

Saturday 30 October 07:26am

nikki6 started new topic alfare formula

just wanting to know if any one else uses ALFARE' formula my son has just started it after being an s26LF. how did u go with it? was your bub always hungry on it?? we have been prescribed it by...

Saturday 30 October 06:22am

nikki6 replied to topic how big is your baby?????

hi chelby, i just looked in my daughters book when was 6mths she was 6.4 kg & 64 cm . my son is 4 mths and he was weighed today @ 6.8kg & 65cm so i wonder what he will be in 2mths time??? just re...

Friday 29 October 07:18pm

nikki6 replied to topic Blocked Tear Duct

hi having 2 kids with this prob i know where u come from. when ppl say ohh have they got conjunctivitis it used to really annoy me.. anyways my daughter had her r eye probed at 12mths it cleared...

Friday 29 October 06:43pm
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