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2cute started new topic 12 Days of Christmas Prize Giveaway

Hello lovely Mum's and Dad's for 12 random days up until christmas we are having some great prize giveaways!! Entry is easy, just come and play some silly games with us All details and updates a...

Wednesday 23 November 03:15am

2cute replied to topic Nappy Rash

I found that if I used any other nappy but huggies both my kids got nappy rash.. Although this is not nappy rash, but my son had a horrible rash around his mouth for months, and I did the same thin...

Monday 23 May 03:07am

2cute started new topic Free product Trial

All babies are stars! why not try our 'Rockstar Baby'range.. Free of all the bad stuff like BPA, PVC and Phlatates.. They conform to the highest safety standards.. So you can ensure your baby is s...

Thursday 05 May 10:29pm

2cute started new topic Rockstar Baby!!

[size="4"][color="#800080"][font="Comic Sans MS"]Good Morning Mum's and Dad's, We are currently running a series of product trials and need mum's and dads to test them free for us.. In return all...

Friday 29 April 09:17pm

2cute replied to topic How do you puree meat/chicken?

I used a stick blender only because I hate getting out and cleaning the big blender

Friday 29 April 08:52pm

2cute replied to topic Repitition of a two year old driving me nuts!

I have a 3 year old and everything is why? why? why? and a 10 year old and everything is.. 'sick' 'Awsome' 'Random' It just evolves into new annoyingness.. But kinda funny..

Friday 29 April 08:49pm

2cute replied to topic Annoying comments about finding out baby's gender

I don't think it makes you bond any better.. My first was a surprise, but the problem was he was born in August and it was still cold and there were no cute winter clothes left to buy except for bo...

Friday 29 April 08:42pm

2cute replied to topic OMG!!

Woo Hoo!! I guess the good side about spending your days riding the porcelin bus is that it is meant to mean you have a good strong robust baby

Friday 29 April 08:34pm

2cute replied to topic Facebookers - add your page here (list)

That's 2 Cute On Facebook 'LIKE' us to be part of our free product trials and facebook fans only promotions Welcome to That's 2 Cute, the online destination for beautiful baby and kids clothes fro...

Saturday 23 April 04:06am

2cute replied to topic Lack of support

Hi, I have recently had a baby (8weeks) and I have a 7 year old boy (different fathers). During my preg with DS I was physically, sexually and mentally abused everyday until DS was 2 years old. I...

Saturday 23 April 03:54am

2cute replied to topic Weekly dinners

I wish I was that organised.. It's usually a last minute panic in my house like right now its 5:18pm and I have no idea whats for tea

Sunday 17 April 03:18am

2cute replied to topic Maybe baby advice?

I had great success with the maybe Baby and I passed it onto friends who thought they knew when they were ovulating but in fact didn't and they too fell pregnant.. I can't remember exactly how long...

Sunday 17 April 03:16am

2cute replied to topic Who Knew Babies can die or get sick from this!

I watched an episode on Oprah about dry drowing..and she was interviewing parents that had lost children... It was really upsetting as I also had never heard of it.. It made me a bit neurotic for a...

Sunday 17 April 03:04am

2cute replied to topic when will it end??????

I hear Ya!!... Morning sickness.. Blahhh!! try 24hr sickness.. Only positive I can offer is that it is meant to mean a strong healthy baby!! and I have 2 robust children

Sunday 17 April 02:59am

2cute replied to topic what do you do around your friends..

In regards to drinking that is?? I know all my friends are just WAITING for us to be knocked up... dd is 4 so it pretty much comes up in every single get together and I just brush it off. It's a...

Sunday 17 April 02:52am

2cute replied to topic Child Care help?

I'm not sure if this is the right section for posting this, but I have a 2 year old boy and I have been thinking of putting him in chilcare once a week as he is really clingy and I feel that he co...

Sunday 17 April 02:46am

2cute started new topic 'TUSH' All natural Baby Balm

[size="4"]Hello on this rainy wet weekend!! (Well it is here in Brisbane) Well with each Huggies nappy change, you need a great Tushie balm to go with it We have been trialing and testing and dec...

Sunday 17 April 02:30am

2cute replied to topic We need Mums (or Dads) to try and review our products

I checked out your FB page You guys have some great products I love them all!!! Have you thought of selling your products as party plan I would be interested if you did? Thankyou I glad you like...

Saturday 09 April 12:08am

2cute replied to topic What was the funny things that you done while in labour?

I actually think I went a bit nuts and walked out of the room, grabbed my bag and said I was going home and didn't want to do it anymore

Friday 08 April 08:03pm

2cute replied to topic We need Mums (or Dads) to try and review our products

If you want me to sample stuff, you'll have to be quick! I'll go and buy everything out from under you if you're not careful. Hehe. Really cool stuff on there! Thankyou so much.. It is all thing...

Friday 08 April 07:32pm
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