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rablboys replied to topic Any Mums with babies with special needs?

My second son we now know is autistic and ADHD, he is 4 now but we always thought from birth he was 'high maintence' until the label was given 12mths ago. Any special need is a big challenge and f...

Saturday 30 October 09:40am

rablboys replied to topic Is there a follow-on Reflux formula?

Karicare AR goes to around 12mths, but found my guys outgrew the reflux around there. One was really bad and it stopped overnight. My predi was happy for him to be on the Karicare up to 15mths as h...

Saturday 30 October 09:31am

rablboys replied to topic Breast v's Bottle

Each of my 4 we bottle fed for different reasons, all medical reasons including baby rejecting me and I tried each time one was born to feed, once with seeing 20, yes 20 specialists and they were s...

Saturday 30 October 09:27am

rablboys replied to topic Which Formula

Each of my 4 boys were bottle for different reasons, all different formula. If something didnt suit I changed. For non reflux bubs I found the best and cheapest each time was Heinz. Was recommended...

Saturday 30 October 09:10am
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