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lousy replied to topic "Save Our Sleep" - anyone try it?

I'm not up for controlled crying. I've used the Baby Bliss routine by Jo Ryan. My DS is 4months and doing well. He is what they term a 40min wonder child during the day. I've tried all different ty...

Sunday 24 April 07:14am

lousy replied to topic What sort of pram does everyone have?

Hi, I've got a Phil and Teds 3 wheeler pram, which the safe and sound capsule will fit into. This is great for a newborn and getting them in and out of the car and don't have to disturb them. Plonk...

Wednesday 20 April 10:22pm

lousy started new topic Replacement high chair cover

Hi, I've bought a 2nd high chair, it is an Ebony Steelcraft one. However the cover is all cracked and worn. Does anybody know where I can buy a new cover from? Haven't been able to find one yet......

Wednesday 20 April 09:47pm

lousy started new topic Venting

My in-laws I know mean wonderful things I really do know but they make me anxious. My MIL and FIL come over only to see the baby, only talk about the baby and it drives me crazy. I have suffered wi...

Wednesday 30 March 10:15am

lousy replied to topic I find it rude when.....

I hated people touching my belly and I quickly learnt how to stop people. Place your hands on your belly as if to indicate my property don't touch, if you think the are still thinking of touching t...

Wednesday 30 March 09:52am

lousy replied to topic 1st Birthday gift "list" tacky?

There are gift registries out there on the internet for free. Make up a list on one of them email it out to family and they can mark off what they are getting him. I don't think its rude at all to ...

Wednesday 30 March 09:42am

lousy replied to topic 1hour to settle

He must be a 40minute wonder when he wants it. He is going to be a driven kid on his own terms by the looks of it. I still might look into sleep school and see if they can help with some settling t...

Tuesday 22 March 10:19am

lousy replied to topic 1hour to settle

I've been trying the 1-1.5hours awake at which time he shows all the tried signs put him down for sleep and he fights it like no end. If I get him back up again he is happy for a while but has red ...

Tuesday 22 March 10:17am

lousy started new topic 1hour to settle

Hi, My son (3months old)takes between 30mins (good time) to 1.5hours to get to sleep every time day/night. During the day he will only sleep for one sleep cycle if I'm lucky we will get two (so fr...

Tuesday 22 March 08:44am

lousy replied to topic is it too much to ask??

I know how you feel. My HB will change nappies but I feel does very few other things. Things started off great for the first 3/4wks but have gone down hill. I'm expected to look after the baby, was...

Tuesday 22 February 08:04am
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