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mummi89 replied to topic Feeling different towards 2nd born

Thank you so much for everyones reply! Thank goodness I'm not the only one feeling like this, I really thought it was something else going on. I feel 'normal' now! LOL

Saturday 16 September 10:12am

mummi89 started new topic Feeling different towards 2nd born

Hi all! I dont know if any other mums went through this or im going insane! So ive just had my DS 2 weeks ago. My DD is 6 now. I love them both! (Of course) but when i had my DD, i was absolutely s...

Thursday 07 September 10:16am

mummi89 started new topic How to deal with misbehaving toddler

Hi all, my dd is turning 4 this july and recently shes been really testing my patience. She used to pack up her toys, help make the bed, sits down to eat (most of the time), listens to instructions...

Monday 18 May 05:33pm

mummi89 replied to topic a question for all you c/section mama's...

hi there! i had an elective csection so i was kinda prepared. lol like everyone else said, take it easy for the first 6 weeks after ur csect. it will help loads if uve got someone to help out durin...

Sunday 24 June 01:33am

mummi89 replied to topic Immature Hip

My DD had a hip problem as well, but she wasnt in braces. Took her to the specialist and he told me to double nappy her (have the normal disposable nappy, then a cotton nappy on top of that) he sai...

Thursday 05 April 09:16pm

mummi89 replied to topic First baby due in winter, HELP!

i had a winter baby too (late july). i lived off those bonds wondersuits! They were heaps great, nice and warm and with those mitts that u turn over. add a singlet underneath, a beanie and wrap t...

Sunday 18 March 10:33pm

mummi89 started new topic nearly 8 month old pulling her own hair!

sooo.. my dd is nearly 8months.. she started pulling her hair about 2 weeks ago. first i thought she was scratching, but now i look closely and shes grabbing her hair and pulling it (she doesnt eve...

Thursday 15 March 04:25am

mummi89 replied to topic Help, in need of SIMPLE chicken meals for my 8 month old

i only just recently started cooking baby food. its so fun! hahaa but one of the easiest ones mum showed me was... get a small piece of breast chicken, 2 or 3 baby potatoes, 1 carrot, small piece o...

Thursday 15 March 03:46am

mummi89 replied to topic At what age do you start feeding solids and giving water for your baby?

hi my dd is 7 and a half months. i started giving her water from when she was about 4 weeks as she started drinking formula and was pretty constipated from it. The water helped heaps! And with food...

Thursday 15 March 03:34am

mummi89 replied to topic Pregnancy cravings

anything sweet! haaha i didnt care what i ate for dinner.. as long as i had some sort of dessert after =) and chocolate! had a big block every 2 days.. how bad of me lol

Monday 06 February 11:27pm

mummi89 replied to topic Get a life

hahaha i think your the one that needs to get a life!

Monday 06 February 11:25pm

mummi89 replied to topic what multi do you take

Hi, i was taking the blackmores pregnancy & breastfeeding ones. it came in a large 3 month supply. Down fall is that they were quite big, and i think it was 2 everyday. It had nearly everything in ...

Thursday 26 January 10:39am

mummi89 replied to topic 5.5 month old feeding routine

this is such a great question.. that id like to know too! =D (sorry im stealing ur subject too!) ahaah

Thursday 12 January 05:13am

mummi89 replied to topic Eczema

Hi, my noticed my DDs eczema when she was about 5 or 6 weeks, shes now 5 months. Her specialists told me to use QV wash (soap free), QV bath oil and QV balm. He gave me a sample pack with all 3. So...

Thursday 12 January 04:46am

mummi89 replied to topic Your Biology and its changes

my hair used to be really thick and frizzy before pregnancy. During and after pregnancy, my hair is less thick and its developed waves. Which i dont mind =) And ive got hair in places where i neve...

Friday 16 December 09:46am

mummi89 replied to topic Caroline's Cream

Hi ! I havnt tried carolines cream. But i am using sigmacort ointment on DD atm. Shes 3 months, and its worked! Not too sure if u need a prescription (ask ur paed just incase). and im using QV wash...

Wednesday 02 November 12:11pm

mummi89 replied to topic Eczema - help!

my DD had her eczema at around 5 weeks.. her Dr told me to stay away from anything with perfumes and colours and suggested me to use QV wash and cream. The QV cream helped abit, but it would just c...

Wednesday 02 November 12:06pm

mummi89 replied to topic Buying clothes for baby....

i bought all 000 while i was pregnant.. thinking i was going to have a big baby.. but DD didnt fit into them until she was about a month. she was 3.7kgs at birth. luckily i got a few 0000 and just ...

Wednesday 02 November 11:24am

mummi89 replied to topic looking for the perfect pram

Hi, I'm a DT student designing a new (and hiopefully cheaper pram) and I was hoping that you would provide some information on problems you 've had with previous ones. Cheers. i think the most...

Wednesday 02 November 11:09am

mummi89 replied to topic Breech Babies

i was pretty active with my pregnancy. i worked up until i was 34 weeks (im a hairdresser) so i was on my feet pretty much all day.. did alot of walking and shopping in the last few weeks and i pu...

Sunday 14 August 08:08am
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