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sweet_mazz replied to topic How to Post Your Birth Announcement

Dempsey William was born on 16 June 2009, after a balloon induction - that only took 2 1/2 hours to start, 15 hours of active labour, finally delivered by Emergency Caesar at 10:31am, Weighing a wo...

Friday 26 June 02:12pm

sweet_mazz replied to topic just found out. dont know where to start

I am 23 and have also just found out im pregnant - 11 weeks. I am having a Nuchal Fold Translucency scan in 2 weeks (they like to do it between 11-13) Definately see your DR!! Best thing i did! if ...

Thursday 25 December 12:26pm

sweet_mazz replied to topic Responsibility

Congratulations. BUT Oh my god... If my husband (we are separated) did that i don't know how i could contain the anger. I would tell them all to grow up!!! but i don't know anything about legal pro...

Thursday 25 December 12:12pm

sweet_mazz started new topic Single & Pregnangt - HELP!

I just don't know where to start. I am 11 weeks. I am booked in for my Nuchal Fold Translucency scan in less than 2 weeks. I am taking folate tablets. I have just split with my husband and we are...

Thursday 25 December 12:08pm

sweet_mazz replied to topic pregnant

Hi its my first time on and i have to agree what a positive bunch you all are. I am also alone and 23. Now that my husband decided to find someone else 8 weeks ago and now i find out i am 11 weeks ...

Thursday 25 December 11:57am

sweet_mazz replied to topic young, unexpected mother

Hi Emma. Its my first time on here. I have just split up with my husband of two years about 8 weeks ago. I went to the Drs yesterday and now i am 11 weeks along. I am so apprehensive because i kno...

Thursday 25 December 11:50am
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