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Sazzar replied to topic Win a Huggies Art Desk this week! Enter our Forum Quiz today! 18th September

I play indoor beach volleyball with my cousins once a week in the evening. It's not only good for my health physically, but also mentally as you're joining in a team environment, working ...

Sunday 22 September 08:47pm

Sazzar replied to topic Just leave me alone!

If you've got an unmovable husband/partner, they can be very helpful. I was too ill for visitors for 2 weeks, so only immediate family were allowed to come for very brief visits. My husband refused...

Wednesday 05 December 02:54pm

Sazzar replied to topic Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! 24 Oct 2012

My beautiful mother-in-law died a few weeks before our son was born. In the weeks after DS's birth, my husband had a dream that she had come to visit our son. During this dream, we were both woken...

Sunday 28 October 02:05pm

Sazzar replied to topic Debate topic: Homework - not enough or too much?

I'm a primary school teacher on maternity leave at the moment, and homework was always one of those tricky things. If the homework is relevant and assists the child in their learning (reading books...

Sunday 28 October 01:57pm

Sazzar replied to topic New Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! (15th Aug12)

1. You can go to for some great information on breastfeeding. 2. 5 things I wish I'd known before becoming pregnant: - Morning sickness shouldn'...

Thursday 16 August 10:05pm

Sazzar replied to topic personal experiences of flying with baby under 6 months

We've flown with our son when he was 8 weeks, 4 months, 6 months and 7 months. Most of the flights have been good as he would sleep on ascent (the sound of the plane is fantastic white noise!) and ...

Tuesday 14 August 11:45pm

Sazzar replied to topic Scared to start IVF

I also have PCOS and went through IVM (yes, not a spelling error there) at FSWA who were the only ones to offer it at the time. It is scary and there were times when your emotions are all over the...

Thursday 21 June 05:27pm

Sazzar replied to topic HCG hormone levels

As someone said before, HCG levels are different for everyone. My rising levels started to slow down at 5 weeks, which usually indicates an ectopic pregnancy. However, there are always little mira...

Wednesday 29 February 11:50am

Sazzar replied to topic Robbed of the experience?

I had massive blood loss (3.5L) giving birth to DS 15 weeks ago. With all the complications of the birth (placenta stuck onto wall, suction and forceps, near death experience, all that...), I have ...

Saturday 03 December 10:43am

Sazzar replied to topic Tummy Troubles... We just can't win

It's horrible when your little bub is in so much pain and you feel so helpless - hang in there. Although our DS is breastfed, he had big problems with reflux and seemed to spend most of the night c...

Monday 28 November 11:06pm

Sazzar replied to topic Qantas business class with a baby

We travelled to Sydney from Perth in Qantas Business with our then 8w/o DS. The staff were brilliant and thought he was very cute! No one complained even when he stirred a little and even if they d...

Sunday 27 November 10:39am

Sazzar started new topic Travel pram recommendations

Hi We're travelling to Sydney this Christmas with our 4 m/o and don't want to take our lovely Bertini pram with us! So we're looking for a lightweight pram to buy that can lie flat and fold easily...

Sunday 27 November 10:32am
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