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NewBee started new topic A Name came to me in my Dream

Hi, I had a very vivid dream 2 nights ago and in it we Named our baby girl Ellora Eve ?? I have been looking at the name Ellora BUT the Eve part has came outa no where ! Its kinda like she has n...

Saturday 17 March 10:49am

NewBee started new topic Ella or Lacey

Any opinions would be appreciated, I like Lacey Ella or Ella Lacey I love the name Ella yet its so common now im kinda hearing it to often i think BUT i still like it, and as for Lacey I nearl...

Wednesday 07 March 10:46pm

NewBee started new topic Any mums or play groups NOR

Hi, My name is Shannon Im 25 and desperatally trying to find ways to get out of the house as im a SAHM to a 2.5 yr old girl Tiana and im preggy with No2 ATM aswell !! We've oly been in perth for ...

Wednesday 28 February 08:33pm

NewBee replied to topic Step grandmothers from hell

I feel your Pain and i Totally understand how you Feel !! I have a simlar issue But mine is my accual Grandmother on my mum's side!! It's a Hard problem and like me your partner will never get i...

Tuesday 31 October 03:52pm

NewBee replied to topic Ear Candeling

Hey I had the same problem 3 weeks ago so my doc m Fulshed my ears(syrenged) Spelling??) bout 2 weeks ago they only spray warm water into your ears its a strange feeling bit un-comfortable but to...

Tuesday 31 October 03:38pm

NewBee replied to topic 2nd Baby due in March - Anyone in Perth?

Hey, My name is Shannon! Im not due in March but the 8th of May. I have a 2yrold girl named Tiana. We live NOR, Ive only lived in perth for 8mth now and dont have many friends with little kids. Wo...

Sunday 22 October 08:01am

NewBee replied to topic Is it ok to eat Surimi??

Hey, I wouldnt eat it in the First Trimester BUT i know what its like to have those cravings, Id try to wait till the second trimester and make it a once off treat. Im currentally carving fetta ch...

Sunday 15 October 04:54am

NewBee started new topic My Dog jumped on my belly (ouch)

Hi Im 10 weeks preggy and last night my darling dog Bella jumped on by belly while i was half lying half sitting down, She is a small dog but it hurt alot and i had a dull ache for bout 2 hours af...

Saturday 14 October 07:59am

NewBee replied to topic naked toilet training

Hey, I started TT my 2yr old Girl 2 weeks ago I found at first she would take all of her clothes off BUt i now have put the potty in our toilet ( she usually follows me in there anyways LOL) and s...

Wednesday 06 September 09:06am

NewBee replied to topic any one due May 07

Just discovered today that im now Pregga with No. 2 and ill be due 8th May. I dont even feel pregnant LOL im still in a state of shock Good Shock though. Ill tell my hubby when he gets Home (it hi...

Thursday 31 August 01:29pm

NewBee started new topic HPT Positive +++++++++

Hi all, im sooooo excited yet anxious i got a very light +++HPT today, Its my second month of trying so i kinda wasnt expecting it ? AF was due yesterday so im 15DPO !!! Bit scared though to test...

Thursday 31 August 11:25am

NewBee replied to topic TTC in August !!!!

Hey Ladies, Ive been in and out of this fourum for a while now but havent quiet posted anything so i feel like part of the group without being in the group so i decided to join in LOL My name is ...

Friday 11 August 08:05pm

NewBee replied to topic Comming off the pill answers needed.

Thanx Ladies, Im feeling alot better now the Nasusia has seemed to have passed:-) But still no AF going on day 37 now ???? Any ways thanks again for your answers Shannon

Wednesday 26 July 06:32pm

NewBee started new topic Comming off the pill answers needed.

Hi, I have some questions for who ever will answer them. 1: when you came off of the Pill did you find you got side effects? 2: also when you came off how reg was AF first time round? Im now a w...

Tuesday 25 July 11:45am

NewBee started new topic Confused???

Hi, Im confused this is my first month off of the pill Brevior 1, Im also on the verge so im told to having POS! Any ways im late as i was due on Tue this week and still no sign of it Ive done a ...

Sunday 23 July 12:01pm

NewBee started new topic HELP 2Yr old with capillaritis

My Daughter has been diganosed with severe Capillaritis. The dermatoligist was baffled to see someone so young with it, just curious as i have never met any one with it and usually being an older p...

Monday 17 July 12:33pm

NewBee replied to topic daddy doesnt show any intrest

Hi Chrissy, Just curious What dose your mum think of the whole situation ?? I know this sometimes seems imposible but you need to get him to talk, If your scared hes gonna yell, Maby try to talk t...

Monday 24 April 12:46pm

NewBee started new topic My Best Friend, Advice Needed

Hi, My best friend is preg. 10wks BUT......her hubby dosnt want the bubby and she desperatly dose, Their married but he believes that because hes 22 that he is too young to have a kid, I think he'...

Monday 24 April 12:34pm

NewBee started new topic HELP Advice needed ~!!!

Hey, I need some advice from all you mums out there, its time, i want to be a mum i want to concieve..... but...... i cant convince hubby. what do i do??? its consuming me its all i think about t...

Monday 13 February 01:08pm

NewBee started new topic 16 Mth Girl Constantally with Hands down pants

Hi, Just woundering if any one has come across this problem. My 16 mth DD constantally has her hands down her pants its been going on for about 2 weeks, she has also discovered how to take her nap...

Thursday 15 December 10:56am
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