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Delma replied to topic Grobags/Sleeping bags

Hi I had 2 grobags for my daughter, from 8mths onwards. I bought a 2.5 tog- which is like a quilted blanket, it kept her really warm, and I also bought a 1.5 tog which had a towelling inner. I'm ...

Sunday 22 January 02:27pm

Delma replied to topic Not walking yet

Hi I dont think you've got too much to worry about. My youngest daughter is 19 months and has only started walking in the last month. I was beginning to worry because my eldest- now 3 1/2 was walki...

Wednesday 18 January 02:35pm

Delma started new topic Video Now jnr

Hi I was thinking about buying my 3 yr old a video now jnr player for xmas and was wondering if anyone has one or knows of anyone with one. Are they worth the money and has anybody had any problem...

Thursday 17 November 05:41am

Delma replied to topic How to stop breastfeeding 16 month old?

Hi there, I can totally relate to what you are saying. My eldest daughter used to do exactly the same as your little one. In the end I just had to bite the bullet and go thru a couple of nights of ...

Monday 26 September 04:04pm

Delma replied to topic Sheyne Rowley

Hi there I have only just read your post and I've actually got a cd called 'sleep baby sleep', which I'm pretty sure she devised. (the cost was $45) You download it onto your computer and it gives ...

Friday 16 September 10:44am

Delma replied to topic Getting children settled into Kindy

Hi there Your little one sounds like my eldest daughter Keeley. When I started her at daycare for one day a week, she would cry and scream every time I dropped her off. I too would go home crying. ...

Sunday 04 September 11:08am

Delma replied to topic When did you stop wrapping?

Hi there, My little girl Ella was still being wrapped at 6-7 months. She would still get her hands out - she is a real thumb sucker. I tried to go cold turkey and stop wrapping completely and that ...

Sunday 24 July 06:07am

Delma replied to topic please help me

Hi there, How does she sleep during the day? She must at some stage sleep by herself. I sympathise with you, my first daughter was a right bugger at sleeping, but I found doing the same thing day a...

Friday 22 July 01:32pm

Delma replied to topic Is anyone using baby sleeping bags eg: Grobag

Hi Lynda, I tried to put Ella into bed with just the grobag, but she didnt like it without blankets. She was always tucked in nice and tight from the day she came home from hospital so I think she...

Tuesday 03 May 04:34pm

Delma replied to topic Is anyone using baby sleeping bags eg: Grobag

Hi there I am using grobags for my 10 month old, and have been using them for about 5 months. I found that there is alot of room in them and I should get about 12 months or more use out of them. El...

Sunday 01 May 07:19am

Delma replied to topic GROBAGS

My little one is 9 1/2 months old and still, fortunately doesnt roll around in her cot. She is a lazy little bub though. Doesnt do much of anything except sitting! Anyway I tend to tuck the end of...

Monday 04 April 03:23pm

Delma replied to topic 10 months & still no teeth

My first daughter was 14 months before she got her first tooth, once that one appeared the rest came rather quick. She was dribbling all the time from about 4 months and every time she was cranky w...

Sunday 03 April 08:05am

Delma replied to topic GROBAGS

Hi I bought two grobags for my 9 month old daughter. I actually got them from the sale catalogue (end of design stock). They still cost around $60 each, but I wouldnt be without them. I find that ...

Sunday 03 April 07:51am

Delma replied to topic Only sleeps in cot

Hi there, Both of my girls wouldnt sleep anywhere but their cot. I just got used to going out around their sleep times. At around 10 months my eldest started cat napping in the pram occasionally, b...

Wednesday 30 March 05:00am

Delma replied to topic Adapting baby to the end of day light savings

I also found that increasing their bedtime or naptime by about 15-20 minutes seems to work. After about a week they seem to go back to their original sleep times, give or take 1/2 hour. I usually h...

Wednesday 30 March 04:54am

Delma replied to topic First time mum to 3 month old

Your little one sounds exactly like my two girls. At around 3 months they seem to go through a growth spurt which can last about a week or so. This could be a reason, but what is happening seems pe...

Friday 04 February 05:20pm

Delma replied to topic No Sleep!!!

Hi Leigh, Sorry to hear things arent going real well for you at the moment. Other peoples opinions can really put you in a spin. My health centre nurse told me to let her cry and the lady at the sl...

Wednesday 02 February 08:20am

Delma replied to topic Won't put herself to sleep

Hi there I totally sympathise with you. My eldest daughter Keeley was a real fighter and I ended up going to a sleep school to learn how to settle her. How old is your little one? With my two girls...

Sunday 23 January 07:12pm

Delma replied to topic help - my baby is causing me grief

Hi Sorry to hear about your troubles. Both of my girls sound exactly like your little one. At about 4-5 weeks they turned into little horrors. Around 5-6 every night, and usually most of the day, ...

Sunday 23 January 06:59pm

Delma replied to topic 18 days old and from 7pm to midnight no sleep aaagh!

Hi Your little man sounds exactly like my two girls were. Its something I can never forget! Both of them would cry from b/w 7 at night thru to 11pm. This started at about 4-5 weeks old and lasted u...

Sunday 23 January 08:02am
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