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Babiessa replied to topic twitching in 9.5 month old

I would definitely go to your doctor as this does not seem normal. myoclonic spasms are those twitches as you described when you start to sleep are your whole body twitches. this happens to everyo...

Wednesday 18 May 10:51pm

Babiessa replied to topic Gastro

Yes around 10 days is correct and let it take it course. Make sure you keep your child hydrated preferably with an electrolyte solution such as Hydralyte or Repalyte. Dad2b pharmacist from sa __...

Wednesday 18 May 10:42pm

Babiessa replied to topic Terrible headaches

hey there Baguette, i would suggest seeing your doctor from the way you are describing them. Is it a headache that feels like a band compressing around your head or a pounding sensation on a parti...

Tuesday 10 May 05:24am

Babiessa replied to topic Thrush on Bottom

hey there Cacy83, i would give it a week before you see some improvement in the rash. What type are you using? Sounds like you are doing all the correct measures to treat it. Dad2b pharmacist in S...

Tuesday 10 May 05:17am

Babiessa replied to topic Constipation

hmm interesting remedy. never heard of it though. _____________________________________________ FREE baby shower invites and games at

Friday 22 April 06:17am

Babiessa replied to topic Constipation - 4 week old

hey bubz57 im a pharmacist from SA. what antibiotic has your child been on? it is possible that this may have caused the constipation. if it persists for a couple of days more i would suggest seei...

Friday 22 April 06:14am

Babiessa replied to topic missed pill

hey humphreybear i would probably double check with your doctor about the spotting. it can be a common side effect in the first 3 months of using it but if you have been using it for a year now tha...

Tuesday 19 April 10:43am

Babiessa replied to topic missed pill

Hi humphreybear im a pharmacist from SA and might be able to help. Need a bit more info on your situation though. What pill is it and have you been on the pill for long? What pills did u miss? Were...

Monday 18 April 05:44am

Babiessa replied to topic Furniture!

A list of stuff that you may find useful before your baby comes can be found by clicking here Dad2b

Monday 18 April 05:37am

Babiessa replied to topic Eczema patches on my 7 mnth old what can i try

Hi there, I work as a pharmacist and definitely recommend using QV creams and lotions to manage eczema. More specifically because they are fragrance and alcohol free but also they are pH balanced ...

Friday 15 April 10:18am

Babiessa replied to topic Panadol or Nurofen for teething?

Hi there, im a pharmacist in SA and always recommend paracetamol as a first choice simply because it is gentler on babies and children's stomachs and has less side effects. FYI there are no studie...

Friday 15 April 09:58am

Babiessa replied to topic first time father

Some really goods tips here guys. Im in the same boat at the moment. Expecting my first kid later this year. __________________________________________________________ FREE baby shower invitations...

Friday 15 April 09:47am

Babiessa replied to topic Can anyone recommend a good dr near salisbury area?

Hi there I live in the Salisbury area and I recommend Dr Therese Phan at Harmonie Medical Centre which is located opposite Hollywood plaza. She is very thorough and recently has had kids of her ow...

Friday 01 April 08:15am

Babiessa replied to topic Photographers Adelaide/Adelaide Hills?

Hi there my friend who runs Champanella photography does baby shoots and im pretty sure family shots as well. She is based in adelaide. You can find her link here at the bottom of that page.

Monday 28 March 12:04am

Babiessa started new topic Free Baby Shower Invites and Games

Hey guys if anyone is orgainising a baby shower and needs to make some invites or needs some games please come to my website at It contains cute invites that you can download, cu...

Sunday 27 March 11:54pm
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