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rackmia replied to topic Day care Center vs Family Day Care

I am a qualified Carer and I personally feel that Day Care Centres are a better option for children as they get the interaction with children their own age as well as different age groups, the care...

Tuesday 03 February 09:37am

rackmia replied to topic Anyones Hubby had the snip?

My hubby hasn'y been done yet but I know of a couple of friends whose husbands have and the advantages that I know of are that the procedure is simple and the healing process is quick. It is usual...

Tuesday 03 February 09:30am

rackmia replied to topic what does your childrens names mean????

I have a bousterious, cheeky Khaleb which means Bold however generally spelt Caleb but I thought it looked better on paper with a K. My husband and I picked the name because it was on a TV show an...

Tuesday 03 February 09:25am
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