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Becca_qld replied to topic solids

Hi Feebi, I started my son on solids quite early, some of the signs that i saw were he would drink a full bottle but still be wanting more, he would wake up for a bottle 3 hourly when he would norm...

Monday 28 July 06:07pm

Becca_qld replied to topic Food Ideas for a 6mth old???

I have no idea what sorts of foods to feed my son, he is 6 months old. He is not a big fan of vegetables, but i try to give them to him as often as i can, he loves custards & jelly & flavoured fare...

Monday 28 July 06:01pm

Becca_qld replied to topic E-mail Pals

Oh my goodness, i'm sorry everyone i have not even been looking at this page, i got an email from johanne & remembered that i put this post on here. I do not often come onto this site, but i'm alwa...

Monday 28 July 05:37pm

Becca_qld replied to topic Dummies

I don't feel that there is anything wrong with dummies, they are much easier to get rid of than thumbs!! What i plan to do is leave the dummy in the bedroom, so that it is only used for sleeping an...

Tuesday 01 April 04:07pm

Becca_qld replied to topic Going from 2 children to 3.

Although i can't help you from a parents point of view, since i only have 1 child, i can tell you what its like from the childs side. I am the middle child of 5 with 2 older sisters and 2 younger b...

Friday 28 March 09:05am

Becca_qld replied to topic Sleeping at Night

Thanks Nicole i'll give those a try. however i'm not really familiar with the controlled crying technique. I had Reece in the Gold Coast hospital in southport.

Thursday 27 March 02:59pm

Becca_qld replied to topic speed it up!

As a first time mum i was not aware that sex would speed it up. My baby was born 5 weeks early, the day after we had sex. If i had of known i wouldn't of had sex, my son had no problems other than ...

Thursday 27 March 12:49pm

Becca_qld started new topic E-mail Pals

If anyone wants to email me about anything and everything whether its related to babies or not please feel free, i want some email pals!! [email protected]

Thursday 27 March 12:42pm

Becca_qld replied to topic Immunisation

I also am worried about immunisation, my babys father had fevoral convulsions when he was immunised, my son is going to be immunised on Friday if anyone has been through this with their child, coul...

Thursday 27 March 12:35pm

Becca_qld started new topic Sleeping at Night

My son is only 9 weeks old and he sleeps just about all day & is wide awake at night. I have tried keeping him awake during the day and waking him right on 4 hours for his feeds, sometimes if i lea...

Thursday 27 March 12:30pm

Becca_qld replied to topic LEARNING TO CRAWL

I'm such an idiot she wasn't pulling herself up & crawling she was pulling herself up and WALKING!! Should of previewed it before posting - lol nevermind )

Thursday 27 March 12:16pm

Becca_qld replied to topic LEARNING TO CRAWL

Like Diana my niece also never crawled properly. She went straight from the commando crawl to pulling herself up & crawling. She is now 2 1/2 and walks and runs around everywhere with no problems. ...

Thursday 27 March 12:15pm

Becca_qld replied to topic Natural Birth Control

I have also heard of this, but didn't know thats what it was called. I was told by my doctor that you are only about 80% covered by breastfeeding. And yes i have also heard of women getting pregnan...

Thursday 27 March 11:56am
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