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Pixel started new topic my baby has 2 , 20 minute naps a day but is awake from 8am all the way till 9pm !!

My baby is 6 months old and he is such a tyrant to get to sleep it takes 2 hours its an uphill battle and leaves me shattered every night. I work shift work and i cant keep doing this hes fed dinne...

Monday 11 June 06:46pm

Pixel replied to topic CIVIL UNION - AND VERY STUCK

update - my partner just wants to go to the registry office then go for a few drinks something tells me his mind wont be easily changed the only prob i have with that is that kids wont be able to ...

Sunday 03 June 08:27pm

Pixel replied to topic CIVIL UNION - AND VERY STUCK

no i havent ill have a look now, i kind of want something cosy like a small function room or something that has lino ( easier to clean) also warmth is important it being winter - i know i need to...

Sunday 03 June 07:44pm

Pixel started new topic CIVIL UNION - AND VERY STUCK

im at a total loss as to what to do as my partner and i are wanting to commit to civil union on september the 4th 2012 ( him and i agree marriage is not us and we arent religious amoung other reaso...

Sunday 03 June 07:35pm

Pixel replied to topic ...

I know how you feel, i have at times felt that myself frustrated but un-emotional happy to go away and leave my situation at times but personally i want to keep trying we are only financially getti...

Friday 18 May 04:14am

Pixel replied to topic My Huby is really anoying me

for starters with buba, my baby is the same age and can be very hard to settle often doesnt sleep during the day. you could try this routeen we use this for our son hes gone from being a real bumho...

Monday 09 April 07:03am

Pixel replied to topic Husband vent

i totally understand.. and i only have 1. my sons 4 months old and still does it though not nearly as bad. over time things have improved now hes a stay at home dad and i go to a course its his jo...

Monday 09 April 06:49am

Pixel started new topic Civil Union

Has anyone here entered into a civil union as apposed to marriage. My partner and i want our relationship to be legally recognised to make things easier going forward and to take the next step. We ...

Monday 27 February 12:44am

Pixel replied to topic When to say enough is enough

my partner and i have both had issues with this his hitting up at the moment with baby 3 months old. It can be frustrating - In fact i know it is recently have jumped on the i need to drop the b...

Sunday 26 February 11:53pm

Pixel replied to topic Don't know where I stand anymore

woah, what guy EVER says that to hid partner yes hes frustrated but he needs ro think about how you feel. I had a similar situation though partner was alot more understanding. I started exercisin...

Friday 24 February 08:31am

Pixel replied to topic oh god not again :( i want to cry

we found our son was starting to wake more in the night so we put him down a little before hes tired and let him cry to sleep its the on ly way he would tire himself out. If we did it any other way...

Friday 24 February 08:22am

Pixel replied to topic Rack your brains ladies!!

cupcakes are nice and easy, homemade sausage rolls and sammies are good and fruit and lolly kebabs?

Friday 24 February 07:48am

Pixel replied to topic Bad experience at a baby store

being a child caregiver having minded a child who has a bed wetting issue and regular bowts of the runs i can imagine how your poor boy feels humiliated for one. I would bill them the cost of drycl...

Friday 24 February 07:45am

Pixel replied to topic Due in 3 weeks and wanting to leave DH

writting a letter is a great way to say how you feel and give you time to check its what you want to say and how you want to say it. Its possible that he could be feeling stressed and as a result ...

Friday 24 February 07:29am

Pixel replied to topic My husband Cheated

Im sorry that you have been put in this situation. I guess i would start with sleeping in a seperate room even if you have to share a room with the girls. having them in the same room can be very u...

Friday 24 February 04:19am

Pixel replied to topic Childhood sweethearts reappearing in your life.

personally i dont add my ex's even highschool sweethearts are a no go. I asked my partner to remove a girl on his facebook that he let crash in his bed when we were in the early days of the relasti...

Friday 24 February 04:01am

Pixel replied to topic Want to get married to have same surname as partner and children

i am in the same boat i just had my son he has the fathers last name. I want to change mine he doesn't believe in marriage as he sees it as a christian/religious thing and it doesn't hold any weigh...

Thursday 16 February 08:27am

Pixel started new topic wanting to breast feed

i got to 122 kg with my son ( i got pre-eclamsia really bad ) i was 24 kg when i got pregnant i was in hospital for 6 days struggling to breast feed he vary rarely latched and if he did it wouldnt ...

Wednesday 08 February 05:18am

Pixel replied to topic Should i lay a complaint about my birth?

thank you =) i didnt really know what i should be expecting care wise after i left the hospital

Wednesday 01 February 06:50am

Pixel replied to topic Should i lay a complaint about my birth?

on further reflection i have removed the name I dont want this woman to stop practicing on the other hand i dont want someone to be treated this way and get hurt. Maybe just some extra training ...

Saturday 21 January 08:28am
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