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Lisa+1 replied to topic Choosing Surnames

When it came to naming our 3.5 yr old my husband and I decided to have my maiden name as his middle name. I know its different circumstances but thought I would put down what we did.

Monday 12 January 04:24pm

Lisa+1 replied to topic 3 day potty training

Hi all, I would love a copy please as I am about to start toilet training my 3 yo ds. I am not sure he is ready but thought we really should persevere with is.

Friday 19 December 03:54pm

Lisa+1 started new topic Toy Guns as Christmas Gifts

My husband and i have always said that we would not let ds 3 play with guns. Today we went to a family BBQ and 2 water guns/super soaker things were pulled out and all the kids wanted to play wit...

Saturday 13 December 07:27pm

Lisa+1 replied to topic Looking to meet mum's in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Hi Butterfly81 where abouts in the eastern suburbs are you?

Friday 08 August 03:42pm

Lisa+1 started new topic New Huggies nappies concern

Does anyone else have any concerns with the new huggies nappies? I just bought a box of the junior nappies and have found that although they absorb better, there is not enough stretch or velcro in...

Monday 14 July 07:00pm

Lisa+1 started new topic Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Hi all, Did anyone have any signs they were pregnant before taking a test? What were the signs and at how many weeks?

Monday 14 July 02:52pm

Lisa+1 replied to topic Toddler fighting bedtime

We put DS into single bed in a separate room at Christmas time. He was 2.5 and for the first 2 weeks kept getting out of bed and turning on the light and playing with books, toys or whatever he cou...

Monday 30 June 11:51am

Lisa+1 started new topic To smack or not to smack.......

I would like peoples opinion on smacking. Do you smack or do you use other methods of punishment. Hubby and I decided not to smack DS almost 3 and are using the naughty corner, bribery/blackmail ...

Monday 09 June 03:20am

Lisa+1 replied to topic Anyone used Chester Yeoh or Sophie Leong at Mitcham Private?

Not sure if you are still TTC but Chester Yeoh delivered my son 3 years ago and was THE BEST!! I would and do tell everyone to go see him. As far as I know he tested me for everything and was rea...

Tuesday 03 June 02:50pm

Lisa+1 started new topic tips for 2.5 yr old in staying in "big Boy Bed"

Hi all, My 2.5 yr old son has now been sleeping in his "Big Boy Bed" for about a month now. He has no problems getting to sleep (now) but wakes up from 4.30am. He has started coming int...

Sunday 02 February 04:45am

Lisa+1 started new topic Auckland Bay Shop help

Hi all, I am probably posting this is the wrong area but its late and this has been concerning me. I need to find a baby shop in Auckland very close to Princes Wharf that sells/hires car seats an...

Thursday 20 December 11:48pm

Lisa+1 replied to topic Any recommendations?

I went looking for a new nappy bag recently and found that i could not get one that i loved. Then i went into Kate Hill and bought a weekend bag which is FANTASTIC!!! It has 4 separate compartmen...

Friday 04 May 06:32am

Lisa+1 replied to topic Coke v Pepsi - which do you prefer?

I am addicted to Pepsi Max!!! When pregnant i craved it and drank as much as i could up to the caffine limits!!!

Friday 06 April 04:15am

Lisa+1 replied to topic abbreviations explained?

Thanks Rosie Mumma!!! i have been looking at this forum for awhile and had no idea what some of the abbreviations meant!!! I took a wild guess at some of them and i got them waaaay wrong!

Thursday 05 April 12:48am

Lisa+1 replied to topic Im a newbie =)

congratulation on your pregnancy and welcome to the forum. I am a mum to a lovely little 8 1/2 month old son and am from Melbourne. I find Huggies forum to be so helpful and the other mums and da...

Thursday 05 April 12:44am

Lisa+1 started new topic The Name Game

So me and hubby have recently been talking about what to call ourselves and other relatives to our son. We are currently referring to each other and Mummy and Daddy and to others as Uncle ... and ...

Wednesday 04 April 09:33pm

Lisa+1 started new topic Melbourne mum of 8mo son

Hi all, Technically i am not a new member as i have posted a couple of topics and have been reading the forum for a couple of weeks but wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lisa and i am a 34 y...

Thursday 29 March 02:06pm

Lisa+1 replied to topic Toast/Bread

We gave our little man wholemeal toast at 6mo. He did not really know what to do with it and is ended up smooshed!! I tried with small amount of marj and vegemite and also avocado. He is now 8mo ...

Thursday 22 March 02:48pm

Lisa+1 replied to topic Need help with middle name for "Ruby Winter"

I like Ruby Adele and Ruby Alexis. Good luck.

Thursday 22 March 04:02am

Lisa+1 replied to topic Convertible car seats

Hi Jodi, Not sure if you are still looking but we use the safe and sound meridian AHR. Have had it since our son was born. We have friends who also have it and like us love it. It is a little mo...

Thursday 22 March 03:35am
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