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hi there im jess i live in preston, i have a lil girl who is 1. im a stay at home mummy and i am starting to study 3 days a week at the end of november but i would love to meet new mummys

hi Nerissa and Jessica, i would love to chat to both of u, do u have facebook? i dunno how to work this site very well give me ur names and i can add u, would love to get to know u and ur lil ones hope to hear from u soon

hey, yeh its a pain, i would love to have a chat, just need ur fb name so i can add u, look foward to hearing from u

hey, yeah it gets like that, i dunno how to use this forum either, i have facebook but my profile is private, what is ur full name and ill add u??? look foward to hearing from u

hi, first of all congratualtions on ur pregnancy it is abit frustrating when noone replies to a post, it would be great to have a chat, its very hard for me having a daughter when all my friend are either not ready to have children or their children are alot older then my daughter or the usual they live too far away to catch up with. i really want to make new friends

I got DD necklace from 100% genuin and not expensive at all we got DD's for $25+ postage. since we got DD's there has been no need for nurofen good luck

i think its great that u refused induction , i was induced with my DD and she was born at 39+5 and that was for medical reasons but to be honest i was over the pregnancy and couldnt wait to be holding her in my arms, as much as she didnt want to be born as my labour went for over 15 hours and even still had to have forceps so in a way im lucky i wan induced cos if she was any bigger i probably would have had to have a c-section and i really didnt want to have one. good luck with it i hope its not too long for u now

Hi there, just wondering on what peoples opinions are on the following i have a SS 6 years old and a DD 7 months old, i have been in SS life since he was 2 and DP has him fortnightly wk ends and half of all school holidays, and everything has gone really well until i fell pregnant with DD. SS has never been smart but since i had DD i have noticed more and more, im not sure if its my motherly instict but i believe that he is very behind other children his age. i believe that he has a developmental problem but his dad is too scared to tell his ex to get him checked out, like the time he asked her to get SS eyes checked and it took her 6 months to do it and turns out he is nearly blind. i am also very nervous about allowing him too close to DD as he has had violent tendencies and i am scared he may do something to hurt her, hence why i am scared to put her in her own room. there is more but i would be here all night... please help me, i am deperate for help thanks

hi there just looking for some new friends, i am a 23 year old mum to a 7 month old beautiful baby girl, i would like to make new friends who are also mums to children the same age as my daughter. thanks jess