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congrats jess. welcome to the group

yeah thats fair enough, well i know when my LMP was but i wanted an early scan to see bubs lol... ver impatient. when r u due?

yeah this is my second pregnancy i never did a dating scan with my first cos i knew the dates and they never did one... i will be about the same... they might do a vaginal scan

wow soo exciting for u, my scan it 10 days after u... i will be 6 weeks

we had dd name before we even conceived and have the next ones name too

how exciting for everyone i am still nervous about the whold thing but also extremely excited

omg i have had syptoms galore with this pregnancy i am due april 14th... first syptom was lactation, then slight cramping, heavy breasts nausea, tiredness, everything.... never got this with my first :/

im jess, miscarried last month at 4 weeks pregnant and just found out i am pregnant again due april 14th 2013:D i am also proud mummy of a 22 month old lil girl

they said the hormone is present in my blood but too low to say im positive. they said to go back in a week and get more bloods so ill have that monday and get results tuesday

ok got blood back and they were "inconclusive" i am so confused and upset i dunno what to think