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Heys It may be too early to test, I normal get pains sometimes over a week before AF turns up. Maybe try day of or after it is due, FX for you that you get a BFP! im sorry im not sure what FX and BFP are lol

hey guys i am TTC and i am due for my period in 5 days. i took a test today and it came back negative, also i have been having period pains since yesterday and i usually only get them the day it startswhat do u think this could be as i am really confused :/

thank you, i love being different, i hope i concieve soon

hi! as stated in previous post my dp and i are TTC bub 2. we have come up with names but i would like some opinions on them. for a girl we like Kyahna Rae (middle name my dads first name spelt different) for a boy we like Aydan James (middle name dp brothers and late grandfaters middle name) thanks

Implantation bleeding usually happend between 6 and 12 days past ovulation, so I would say there's a good chance it's implantation bleeding! I had IB with my second pregnancy at 10DPO. Good luck thanks hun... fingers crossed

does anyone know... how soon after conception can u get implantation bleed? i am 7 days past ovulation and i had some spotting this afternoon, is that too soon? thanks in advance

We are TTC bub 2 aswell. I would love to know some distractions too as the days are dragging until I test! they just drag... i would love to speed up time but just till the test comes back positive haha

i am writing because my partner and i have been TTC baby 2. we started just over 2 weeks ago and my cyle is normally 29 days, i am getting very impatient with waiting till the end of my cycle to test and i have only just ovulated a few days ago, anyway my question is does anyone have any ideas for me to distract me while the time goes by? i know i struggled whe we were TTC my daughter which took 18 months as i was on depo before we TTC but i havent had any chemicals put into my body for conception this time, do u think it should happen straight away? thanks in advance

dependant loyal wrestless passionate

my little girl is 13 months when she bangs on her potty we sit her on there and 9 out of 10 times she will do something on there, but at the moment it is just familiarizing her with her potty. i wont force her on there