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GemnJaz replied to topic feed times

I don't think you should be concerned, she should be going longer between feeds as her stomach is fuller. I started my first daughter at 16wks for this reason as she was feeding every hour. She the...

Sunday 30 April 03:59pm

GemnJaz replied to topic Baby Wave

That is so cute. Kids definatly bring mothers together.... DS is very clever, he must have wanted to flirt with her. Watch out he is starting young! Just joking Your story has put a smile on my f...

Sunday 30 April 03:57pm

GemnJaz replied to topic SLEEPING HABBITS

Hi Alyssa It sounds like she has a good routine with 2 sleeps etc, you just need to bring them forward like Nessie said. It will be a hard and trying time for you though. Maybe wake her up at 7ish ...

Sunday 30 April 03:51pm

GemnJaz replied to topic brushing teeth!!!!

Hi I agree, my 11mth old has 5 teeth and at 10mths i brought her a toothbrush and her and her older sister brush their teeth together. She just chews on it but least some of the bad stuff is coming...

Sunday 30 April 03:38pm

GemnJaz replied to topic Homemade Fruit Juice?

Hi Sadi My daughter doesn't drink much juice probably a bit every couple of days, but i just put a dash of our apple juice in her water cup and she just loves it. Otherwise I do buy those baby po...

Friday 31 March 07:45am

GemnJaz replied to topic Babies Hair loss

Hi yes it is very normal. My first daughter lost ALL of her hair! She still hasn't got very long hair for her age (4yrs) it didn't start growing back until she was 14mths or so. But her hair was br...

Friday 24 February 08:50am

GemnJaz started new topic Lumps and baby girls

Hi all I have a 9mth old little girl. Today i was tickling her and came across a small lump under one of her little nipples. No idea how i felt it because looking for it now isn't that easy! Anyway...

Tuesday 21 February 01:45pm

GemnJaz replied to topic Avocado

Hi Tania Yes avacado is one of the things you can give them from 6mths, so you are doing great! I can't even get my daughter to eat banana! Is frustrating me no end as it is the easiest fruit to pr...

Friday 17 February 01:34pm

GemnJaz replied to topic Formula to Cows Milk

The other thing you could do like the half milk half water is the same but use formula instead of water. When I put one of my daughters on cows milk i did it gradually from 3/4 formula - 1/4cows th...

Thursday 16 February 01:03pm

GemnJaz replied to topic Hi I am new

Hi Nic I am new also, i have learnt and picked up lots of new and interesting ideas. Look forward to chatting to you and everyone else I have 2 daughters Gemma nearly 4yrs and Jazmyn 9mths....

Thursday 16 February 11:30am

GemnJaz replied to topic Any May 2005 babies?

Am I too late? I have just found this thread, and have only just started contributing to some posts in the last couple of weeks. My youngest daughter Jazmyn was born 12.5.05 VBAC (vaginal delivery...

Tuesday 07 February 02:40pm

GemnJaz replied to topic mango

Thanks, I was wondering about Mango also! But Jaz is nearly 9mths! I thought it might have been too rich! So glad to know I wasn't the only one wondering!

Tuesday 07 February 09:09am

GemnJaz replied to topic Formula from 12 mths on

Hi mumofjaz Well not sure how much help i will be! When my daughter turned one I put her onto cows milk slowly. I never brought the toddler formula and i only noticed that new milk in the dairy sec...

Tuesday 07 February 08:44am

GemnJaz replied to topic Tin or homemade?

Hi I do both as well, when we are out or have just come home and Jaz is whinging for her lunch, i grab a jar of food, but generally there is food for lunch and dinner in the freezer. Her fav is pot...

Saturday 28 January 06:14am

GemnJaz replied to topic Solids at 2months??????????????

HI I started my first daughter at 16wks, but nearly 4yrs ago they were recommending starting solids between 4-6mths. She was breastfed and feeding every Hour or so and was a reflux baby, so i was ...

Saturday 28 January 06:07am

GemnJaz replied to topic Breastfeeding to Normal Milk

Hi Aimiee Not sure if this is much help, but one of my friends tried to wean her baby onto formula at 10mths and just wouldn't have a bare of it so she put him straight on cows milk. I think she te...

Friday 27 January 08:31am

GemnJaz replied to topic Formula or Cows milk

Hi Jodie I changed my first daughter once she turned one, i did it slowly as we have dairy allergies in my family. First i did 3/4 formula, 1/4 cows milk for 1wk, then 1/2 and 1/2 then 3/4 cows mil...

Friday 27 January 08:26am

GemnJaz replied to topic Refusing Bottle

Hi, My 8mth old daughter has been refusing her bottles for about 6wks now, she has always been on less quantity of formula than what the tin says.... she will drink 180ml in the morning, have break...

Thursday 26 January 12:54pm

GemnJaz replied to topic Anyone from Mackay QLD

Hi to all in Mackay, I am also from Mackay, today is the first time i have joined the Huggies parents Exchange, so was very excited to find this message! I am a mother to 2 little girls, Gemma 3 ...

Thursday 26 January 12:23pm

GemnJaz started new topic Seperation Anxiety

Hi, I am new to Parents Exchange. I have 2 girls 3yrs and 8mths. Jazmyn is 8mths and just doesn't seem to be happy through the day. Heaven forbid if you need to walk out of the room she just starts...

Thursday 26 January 12:10pm
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