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Kelleigh replied to topic Pram sleeping

I hope I can help as I have similar problems. One thing I have learnt to do is not pay attention to 'rules' such as leaving baby to cry herself to sleep. It doesn't work for my little one either an...

Thursday 26 February 09:09pm

Kelleigh replied to topic Premmie baby experience

I would like to reassure you that I think feeling you have lost something after birth is normal, and not restricted to premmie babies. My friend and I have both carried to full term and still felt ...

Wednesday 28 January 08:04pm

Kelleigh replied to topic Night Sleep

Hi, I think you are all lucky. My baby Emma is 2 and a half months and sleeps like clockwork - wakes up every two hours for a feed. She won't take a bottle. I have tried holding her off until she i...

Tuesday 27 January 03:19pm
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