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Judi replied to topic Ear Infections

For all of you out there with your children suffering the ear infections, glue ear and needing grommets. As a premmi newborn twin i suffered fatal bacterial menegitis and as a result over the years...

Tuesday 11 November 07:22pm

Judi replied to topic my 2 1/2 yo wont eat proper foods like vegies HELP ME PLS

My 23month old LOVES his fruit but i cannot get him to eat any vegies or salad. Most the time he wont even touch his dinner. It seems he just wonts to snack all day and i run out of ideas for nutri...

Tuesday 11 November 06:56pm

Judi replied to topic tantrums

My 23month old is just coming into the "terrible two's" and is really starting to throw some good tantrums. He also is very independent - always has been. If he doesn't get his own way he will cry,...

Tuesday 11 November 06:47pm

Judi replied to topic Toilet Training

Hi Sue My name is Judi and i am about to embark on the toilet training era. As mother of 3 i'm sure you would have some good advice, so i would love to hear from you for tips, and support along the...

Tuesday 11 November 06:33pm
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