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Nay7 replied to topic Are you trying to lose everyone Huggies? Everyone's fed up!!!

Nai&BE wrote: I don't get how people can be so bitter about it???? We were over certain aspects of huggies so started a new forum! If you don't like it then don't come but there&...

Monday 14 April 06:41pm

Nay7 replied to topic A game...

1. Have you eaten any easter eggs yet? Not yet! 2. What did you have for tea? Homemade macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, peas and corn 3. What do your kids do that make your heart melt? D...

Thursday 10 April 10:30pm

Nay7 replied to topic pics :)

What a cutie!

Wednesday 09 April 06:51pm

Nay7 replied to topic who wants to see?

They're beautiful

Wednesday 09 April 06:50pm

Nay7 replied to topic Pictures of DD's dolls house and birthday cake

They look fantastic I love the cake.

Friday 04 April 06:49pm

Nay7 replied to topic Shouldn't he be rear-facing?

I don't know about NZ but in Australia you can turn the car seat around at 6 months or a certain size. I turned DD around when she turned 6 months and I'm planning on turning DS's ca...

Friday 04 April 06:48pm

Nay7 replied to topic Hello!


Tuesday 01 April 09:39pm

Nay7 replied to topic O MY.....

Congratulations! Good thing you love surprises! so exciting for you

Tuesday 01 April 09:33pm

Nay7 started new topic My poor DS

Definitely not your fault for not noticing it in the middle of the night. I hope it feels better for him soon

Tuesday 01 April 01:25pm

Nay7 replied to topic ...

What an absolute fruit loop! No sane person would be doing that...

Saturday 29 March 08:02am

Nay7 replied to topic My beautiful Rose is here

Congratulations! Beautiful name and she sounds like a big healthy girl you'll need a name change now! Lol

Saturday 29 March 07:58am

Nay7 replied to topic well it's

Pinkie Pie wrote: •••bubbles••• wrote: Now the patients are running the asylum! laugh laugh laugh Love it bubbles grin Hehehe

Friday 28 March 07:28pm

Nay7 replied to topic well it's

I'm going between both too. I like the different topics on each site.

Friday 28 March 03:35pm

Nay7 replied to topic Silly question about standing 11 month old

I used to lay DD down so she knew it was sleep time

Friday 28 March 09:10am

Nay7 replied to topic It's a(nother) boy!


Thursday 27 March 01:16pm

Nay7 replied to topic Dreaming of baby's gender - could it mean anything?

When I was pregnant with DS, I would dream a few times a week that we had a baby boy. And sure enough, he was a boy! I wonder if that was just because we already had a girl and was expecting a boy.

Thursday 27 March 11:54am

Nay7 replied to topic Name ideas

Kittkatt wrote: i am keen to join too, you ladies have been a great help, will be lonely if u all leave My thoughts exactly

Wednesday 26 March 10:33pm

Nay7 replied to topic 7 month old still feeding overnight

I hope he keeps it up for you! I weaned DD off night feeds when she was about 8-9 months old ( I can't remember exactly). It only took 2 night and only a couple hours each night and she was fa...

Wednesday 26 March 09:50pm

Nay7 replied to topic thirst

I will often get really thirsty while actually breast feeding so I have a bottle of water with me when I sit down to feed DS. Do you like milk? I love drinking lite milk and find it quenches my thi...

Wednesday 26 March 09:43pm

Nay7 replied to topic Selfish, hormonal, sooky post.

Your DH needs a kick up the a#se! I'm not very good at advice but I hope you figure out what will be best for you and DS. Whether it's staying, going to counselling and trying to turn you...

Wednesday 26 March 09:38pm
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