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stumel replied to topic please help

I say don't panic and don't force the issue. Both of my boys ended up going from stage 1 baby food to normal dinners they hated the lumps in the liguid, all i did was try them on stuff every now an...

Tuesday 01 April 06:30am

stumel replied to topic Wondering when to drop to 3 breasfeeds for 8 mo...

Mine weaned by himself and he dropped the lunch bottle first so he had bottle in morning the one at about 2 before his afternoon sleep then one before bed. I just had to change the times to fit in ...

Tuesday 01 April 06:12am

stumel replied to topic Weet-Bix!

Me to both mine started on weetbix early and love it. My DS 16 months has 1 and 1/2 for breakfast then half slice of toast.

Tuesday 01 April 06:06am

stumel replied to topic Any food?

Don't give egg white and nuts. I didnt know about the honey and my baby has eaten it for some time now. He is 16 months now and eats everything I think the nuts and egg white is dangerous as they c...

Tuesday 01 April 06:04am

stumel started new topic Is powdered egg ok

My 10 month old took a brought piklet off my 4 year old today and demolished it in seconds he loved it and I have never seen him eat something so easy and so fast. I later looked at the packet to ...

Friday 21 September 12:54pm

stumel replied to topic Solids and choking - any advice?

My son is now 10 months old and is now eating lumps at stage 3 of the baby food. I skipped out the stage 2 all together as he used to gag all the time so he had the pureed food and I just gave him...

Sunday 16 September 02:07pm

stumel replied to topic What type of water cup do you use?

My son is 10 months old and has just dropped his forth bottle so now only has 3 bottles, I have been struggling to with him drinking out of a cup I have all sorts from my first son and he wont drin...

Thursday 13 September 02:17pm

stumel replied to topic 9.5 month old refusing milk feeds

My son is the same to and have been a bit worried but thinking back I think my first son was pretty much the same. Tyler doesn't really drink water but drinks more milk. I was so surprised how si...

Wednesday 05 September 02:38pm

stumel replied to topic When did you stop sterilizing bottles

Just stopped the other day and DS is 6 months old the plunket nurse said if he is getting around and putting things in his mouth then no point in doing it as long as bottles are cleaned and rinsed....

Wednesday 30 May 02:20pm

stumel replied to topic Do babies NEED milk during the day?

My first son weened himself off the bottle completely at about 9 months and wouldnt drink any milk. I got this powder from a health nutritionalist that was called whey powder and you just mix a bi...

Wednesday 30 May 02:12pm

stumel replied to topic s26 gold and green poo - HELP!

Hello, I now have 2 children and I had the same problem as you with both of them. It is not widely known that S26 Gold does cause the baby to produce green poo and it is nothing to worry about if ...

Monday 28 May 02:11pm

stumel started new topic mastitis

Hi, I am a mother of one with another on the way. With my first son I had mastitis which turned into a abcest after 3 weeks of antibugs, I was rushed into hospital for an operation. I gave up bre...

Friday 15 September 03:11pm

stumel replied to topic DOES EVERYONE HAVE A SHOW???

No show with my first, I just thought that maybe I missed it. Waters broke in middle of night had my son the following evening. Will have to see with number two.

Saturday 22 April 10:36am

stumel replied to topic Baby Boy due in 4.5 weeks!!

My son who is now 3 is called Blake William and we havent come acroos many others his age with the name. My husband liked it because of Blake 7.

Sunday 19 March 08:00am

stumel replied to topic He's gone off his milk

My son now 3 went off milk at a early age and hasn't gone back to drinking it. I got a powder product call whey powder and added it to fresh up orange juice so he got everything out of the juice t...

Saturday 18 March 04:10pm

stumel replied to topic Fussy 3 1/2 yr old eater

My Son is nearly three and we still struggle over some foods but I have finally got him into trying everything on his plate and eating everything that is on it. I give him a little of everything a...

Friday 17 March 05:43pm
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