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jeallybean1759 replied to topic I have two boys & now another baby on the way

I know excatly how you feel I went through the same thing when i found out about this one ...This will be number five ,I cried for weeks and some-time still do,I guess the hormones would have alot ...

Wednesday 15 October 07:14am

jeallybean1759 replied to topic coronic back pain

Thank you Ange.I'm currently doing all that but as you would now it seems so endless when you cant enjoy you pregnancy.As this is the first time I've had it this bad even my twins didn't do to much...

Wednesday 15 October 06:55am

jeallybean1759 started new topic coronic back pain

This is my four pregnancy.but my fivth child and have had back pain since my twelve week,i am now 28 weeks and find it hard to sleep or even work as the pain is so bad it makes me ill.My docter has...

Monday 13 October 10:35am
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