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Tusia replied to topic Still so angry!!!

it's not that big a deal. it's not like it's =his= child - it's yours. unless you and your brother are incredibly close and this change in attitude has been recent, i woudn't bother myself. if h...

Saturday 28 January 03:46am

Tusia replied to topic Working while on ppl

there is a provision for 'keeping in touch', but i'm not sure about the hour limit per week. here we...

Saturday 28 January 03:35am

Tusia replied to topic OCD

Firstly - have you tried therapy? Having been diagnosed with Bipolar II, PTSD & OCD (ex-military & sexual assault basis), therapy has been invaluable to being able to lead a 'normal' life with som...

Saturday 28 January 03:32am

Tusia replied to topic Buying a family car

best of the lot that i've found is a subaru impreza sports wagon - unbreakable, reliable, keeps it's value incredibly well and looks nifty. has baggage space without actually looking like a statio...

Monday 01 August 08:47am

Tusia replied to topic Parents giving small kids alcohol =S

Just look at what alcohol does to adults and that alone should be enough to deter someone from giving kids alcohol. It's awful stuff and isn't the slightest bit good for people.. I just don't know...

Monday 01 August 08:43am

Tusia replied to topic Pregnant after Two m/c and terrified

Oh Hun, what a horrible heartless thing to say! Its really sadens me that dr can completely lose their conection to poeple. I mean It must be a hard job and horrible to face someone in such a hard...

Monday 01 August 08:28am

Tusia replied to topic Just wondering

the foam in the capsules also breaks down with heat and time. over a few years, the foam will no longer be able to cushion an impact as effectively as it should.

Thursday 28 July 12:31am

Tusia replied to topic Husband Ex

devils advocate here... my husb and i feel that ex's are important - they were part of our lives, for better or worse, and they should be acknowledged. i encourage him to be friends with my ex (e...

Tuesday 26 July 08:39pm

Tusia replied to topic Need photo help ASAP

if your original file is a certain size and resolution, it will be nigh on impossible to increase that. it's like trying to make a grainy photo better quality, not just bigger. if they're looking...

Tuesday 26 July 08:34pm

Tusia replied to topic Health insurance

so far in the last two years i have had early cervical cancer, meningitis, motorbike accident, vaccine reaction, severe influenza and two miscarriages. i was able to go to private hospitals each t...

Sunday 24 July 09:39pm

Tusia replied to topic Argh!!

i understand you pain. A and i have been trying since jan - was going so well until our wedding day in june - started to bleed and things went bad from there. it's so hard having a good day mixed...

Friday 22 July 08:01am

Tusia replied to topic Parsley Tea??

yep - many herbs can be used as abortificants... be careful what you sip!

Friday 22 July 07:52am

Tusia replied to topic Herbal Teas

hi there - the tea you're getting is just an 'off the shelf' supermarket mint red tea with vanilla? not from a herbalist or naturopath? if so, it should be fine for you to have up to 4 cups per d...

Friday 22 July 07:40am

Tusia replied to topic Wedding vows

Friends of ours said things like 'i vow to turn a blind eye when you forget to put the toilet seat down', 'i promise to let you blame it on the dog', 'i'll never tell you those jeans make your but...

Thursday 21 July 06:50am

Tusia replied to topic what is the nicest thing

he told me i'm not a failure when we miscarried and now can't seem to conceive. i had a large chunk of my cervix removed due to early cancer - i cry every month when my P comes - he holds me and t...

Thursday 21 July 06:38am

Tusia replied to topic Ovulation tests

much the same as the above advice - male sperm tend to be faster swimmers, but have fewer glucose reserves so die faste too. female sperm tend to be larger, hence the slower swimmer part, but also...

Thursday 21 July 06:36am

Tusia replied to topic Q for the cake makers out there :)

my best investment was a decent piping bag and tips. that way a simple round cake or cupcakes can be decorated in a multitude of ways. learn how to make a dozen different icings, including workin...

Thursday 21 July 06:29am

Tusia replied to topic Another OPK Question

apparently the trick =is= to get down and funky with your man whenever you want so that it doesn't become a chore! as for the kits, i've been using them for nearly four months - they help me gauge...

Thursday 21 July 06:26am

Tusia replied to topic why did you have baby late in life?

as above, i didn't want them at all. my husb at the time didn't want them either and i was a military woman, so children were a no-go as far as i was concerned. now - trying so hard with husb #2....

Wednesday 20 July 08:45am

Tusia replied to topic What do you think of Georgia?

it's on my list too - except "Georgia Browne" has a bit of a funk soul sister feel to it!

Tuesday 19 July 07:48am
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