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gralex7 replied to topic married but feel like you are a single parent!

I know this sounds strange, but if you can, go away for a night or two.When my boy was a little over 12 months i was going to start my own business and i went away on a 2 night trip to find product...

Friday 01 April 05:52am

gralex7 replied to topic siblings in the same room?

I have my Boy (7months) and my step daughter (8yrs) sharing a room, before my boy was born my step daughter could not sleep in a room by herself.Now it is very rare that she jumps in bed with us wi...

Thursday 10 April 10:23am

gralex7 started new topic Trying to eat properly with a demanding baby.

I'm one of those Mum's that doesn't like alot of junk food in my diet and I'm still beastfeeding my 7 month old boy.Between teething and Bowen has started the seperation anxiety stage as well,I see...

Thursday 10 April 10:09am
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