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bando replied to topic when to stop giving my 12 mth girl the bottle

i wouldnt worry too much ... my daughter too gave up all bottles by the time she was 1 and was fine ... unlike my 15 month old son who is still having 3 bottles a day!! ... I was told that my littl...

Saturday 28 June 05:09pm

bando started new topic Mr Grizzly ....

My 1y.o. has been diagnoised with Asthma and due to being sick since he was about 8 weeks old he has become extremely attached to me and becomes grizzly if i leave the room or cant walk around with...

Friday 28 March 08:03pm

bando replied to topic Teething

dont stress ... both of my two got all their teeth in the 'wrong' order ... it seems to hurt them a bit more but they survive! my 1 y.o. only starting getting teeth at 9 months but now has 6 which...

Friday 28 March 07:03pm

bando replied to topic Lunch ideas?

One of the easiest ideas that I was given for lunch was boiling up some alphabet pasta, drain, add some cream corn & cheese and presto ... lunch ... my two love it!

Friday 28 March 07:00pm

bando started new topic my 3 y.o is regreasing ...

Has anyone else had this problem? My little girl has been toilet trained for about 6 months and just the past few days has starting wetting her bed (which she had never done before) and weeing on ...

Friday 28 March 06:57pm

bando started new topic dates with their dads

my 3 y.o loves going out with her daddy all by herself. they try to have a date once a month that is special just for them. even if it is just going to the shops ! i have just started it with my ...

Wednesday 12 March 06:41pm

bando started new topic siblings in the same room?

we are lacking room at our current house and considering moving our 1 year old into his sisters room (she is 3). has anyone that has done this before found it to be a hinderance or a blessing in t...

Thursday 06 March 10:34am

bando replied to topic No interest in standing

My little man was not interested in standing, crawling of any sort until he too was 10 months old. He started crawling and within 2 weeks was standing, trying to walk around the furniture. I thin...

Tuesday 04 March 12:23pm
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