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WendiWoo replied to topic Elective c section frowned upon.

Hey, Sorry cant help you with any recommendations as I'm in NZ but I hope you get your cs! I had an elective here and it was a challenge to find a specialist that didn't try to talk me ...

Wednesday 19 February 10:15pm

WendiWoo replied to topic any one studying disabilities

Hi sorry, a very late reply but I have been studying disabilities in children. What for?

Thursday 14 June 01:46pm

WendiWoo started new topic Mums and bubs playgroup in spanish

Hey all I am really hoping to teach my baby son spanish from a young age and am wondering if there are any latinas out there who want to start a playgroup where we can speak spanish etc. I am kiwi...

Thursday 22 March 03:38am

WendiWoo started new topic Stretch marks

Hey All I had my bub 3 months ago and havent lost a single kg and have the worst stretchmarks ever! I am feeling awful about myself and really need to find something to get my body looking ok agai...

Thursday 16 February 09:52pm

WendiWoo started new topic Mixed feeding

Hey All I have a 3 week old bub and I am mixed feeding. I was trying to breastfeed during the day and formula at night(as well as breastfeeding) as I didnt have enough milk for him. Was just wonde...

Thursday 29 December 05:21am

WendiWoo started new topic Encouraging my newborn to sleep at night

Hey All I have a 6 day old bub and just got home from the hospital 2 nights ago. He is such a lovely baby and only crys when hes hungry. He feeds and sleeps well during the day sometimes for up to...

Friday 09 December 06:05pm

WendiWoo replied to topic I hate being pregnant

Don't feel bad about not liking pregnancy!! Its not for everyone. I have hated the whole experience as well and am counting down the days until I never have to be pregnant again! I found that the 2...

Sunday 27 November 07:21am

WendiWoo replied to topic Random Question

I didnt really feel mine kicking until about 24 weeks for certain. I kinda felt a few little twings then and again maybe from 19 weeks but I didn't really think anything of it. I had a friend at th...

Saturday 19 November 02:14am

WendiWoo replied to topic My labour and birth :)

I was thinking about you when I was on here last! Wondered if you'd had the baby yet and seeing this post was excellent! Im so glad you had a good labour and delivery and that your little boy is he...

Thursday 17 November 06:21am

WendiWoo started new topic What pain relief can you take after the caesar?

I've got a planned caesar in a couple of weeks and was wondering what pain killers can be taken after the surgery has been done. Is it just panadol or can u take stronger things even if you are bre...

Tuesday 15 November 08:45pm

WendiWoo replied to topic intelligender??

I did one and it was correct! I did the best baby test which was only $40. You have to wait til after 10 weeks to get an accurate result. At 10 weeks, the fetus waits for a signal from the Y gene...

Tuesday 01 November 07:11pm

WendiWoo replied to topic Lower back pain kept me up in tears all night

Wow not long until u'll be holding ur bub!!! Can't help with pains but if they are really bad I'd call the midwife and just check that its all part of the process. Good luck!! Let us know when ur...

Tuesday 01 November 07:05pm

WendiWoo started new topic The intelligender was correct!!

I am 33 weeks and had a scan today and they confirmed what my intelligender test told me at 12 weeks. ITS A BOY! Just had to let you all know

Tuesday 01 November 04:20am

WendiWoo replied to topic Flat stomach tips after caesar

The website for "it works" is

Wednesday 12 October 12:09am

WendiWoo replied to topic Leaking boobies....

I started leaking at 15 weeks!! When I lie on my side it just flows out lol. My partner thinks its gross but I just think its hilarious. Hope its a sign that I'll have lots of milk for my bub! Im ...

Tuesday 20 September 04:18am

WendiWoo replied to topic Gender Prediction test

Hey I took the gender urine thing at 12 weeks and it said boy. I actually decided at the scan that I would leave it a surprise and that test has just given me a bit of an indication. I'm 27 weeks ...

Wednesday 14 September 02:36am

WendiWoo started new topic Placenta Previa grade 2

Hey all I am 27 weeks and have a low lying and anterior placenta. The midwife was telling me that if the placenta hasnt moved up a bit before my next scan at 34 weeks I should probably look into h...

Tuesday 13 September 10:19pm

WendiWoo replied to topic Finding a Midwife

Sorry I don't know anyone but I'd suggest finding a few in the yellow pages and going to see them and deciding which one you get on with better. I went to see a couple of midwives and I'm glad I di...

Friday 26 August 12:39am

WendiWoo replied to topic Darcy - What do you think?

Darcy is a great name! Im not sure which movie it is but Colin firth plays a darcy and I think he is such a spunk lol.

Wednesday 24 August 07:01am

WendiWoo replied to topic The name 'ZIta'

Yea its pronounced Zee ta, just like rita. I want it to be spelt zita rather than zeta because its a spanish name and it would change pronounciation if i changed the spelling.

Wednesday 24 August 06:45am
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