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simplejaz replied to topic cradle cap

have you tried always bathing your baby in soap free washes or adding a little bit of baby oil to the bath? i have done this with my three kids with lots of success!

Tuesday 13 May 05:56pm

simplejaz replied to topic colic

colic is every parents nightmare! my eldest two ( now 11 and 12 ) were horrid. i was put onto a little brandy in milk or if you are breast feeding ( like i was with my last one who is 2 ) a little ...

Tuesday 13 May 05:53pm

simplejaz replied to topic Nappy Rash

paw paw cream is the bomb! u can get it from most chemists. i have used it on all three of my kids bums and it has helped all the time. good luck!

Tuesday 13 May 05:35pm
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