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TH91DC started new topic huggalugs leg and arm warmers

Huggalugs leg and arm warmers Have you heard about huggalugs leg warmers?they are great for the chilly night your child can still wear there summer pj's with the huggalugs leg or/and arm warmers, ...

Tuesday 24 March 01:57pm

TH91DC replied to topic Tommee Tippee Bottles

i had the exact same problem! i tried the adiri bottle availible on ebay or search on line for them they arebreast shaped, but my didnt like them very much i was more sucessful wih the mam bottles ...

Thursday 19 February 01:47pm

TH91DC replied to topic WEANING! tips anyone??

definatley perserverance, the onlyoher thing i would suggest is change formula thats what i did, and bub took it very well,

Thursday 19 February 01:41pm

TH91DC replied to topic Anybody use HEINZ Nurture Plus Gold For Hungry Babies?

i use the heinz nurture formula not the gold, but it does seem to have a bit of froth nothing to worry about, i used it for my first daughter as well,

Thursday 19 February 01:35pm

TH91DC replied to topic Country WA

hi,i have 2 duaghters, 16months and 3.5months old, i live in geraldton, interested in anone who wants a general chat or whatever,

Monday 05 January 07:08pm

TH91DC replied to topic Hate the idea!!

i was so scared to go in for my second csec my 1st was an emergency csec with general ani so i was knockoed out for it, but with the second 1 i was told that id b given a spinal block and i was so ...

Wednesday 26 November 02:57pm

TH91DC replied to topic they are giving me till my due date.

i was scheduled for a csec on my due date so i wasnt given much chance for a vbac anyway i read alot of forums of ways to induce labour but most ppl said nothing worked to bring on labour anyway th...

Wednesday 26 November 02:45pm

TH91DC replied to topic at how many weeks do they do an elective c section?

i had my 2nd csec which was elective on my due date

Wednesday 26 November 02:41pm

TH91DC replied to topic C-Sectons and 'aprons'

after csec 1 my stomach almost went back to normal, but after my second only 9 weeks ago i hav the apron i am sick of it already i walk regularly it doesnt seem to help,it seems to bloat when ever ...

Wednesday 26 November 02:38pm

TH91DC replied to topic how long does the numbness in the lower half of ur body last after the c section?

for my 2nd csec i had a spinal block the numbness wore off after about 6hrs, no u dnt notice the catheter i had mine put in after the spinal block tho so i couldnt feel it,

Wednesday 26 November 02:32pm

TH91DC replied to topic 2nd C-section - wanting VBAC

i so badly wanted a vbac but due to my complications with my first child i had no choice really in the end, if you feel confident in having a vbac push 4 it, i ha a 13month old toddler to look afte...

Wednesday 26 November 02:24pm

TH91DC replied to topic what pain to expect with local and spinal injections?

for my 2nd c-sec i had the spinal block, the local needle i hardly felt the spinal block needle did hurt a bit more i got a pain in my side for bout 30sec but nothing lik labour pains

Wednesday 26 November 02:18pm

TH91DC replied to topic c-section recovery

with my first c-sec i had alonger recovery than my second because my first was an emergency and had internal bleeding afterwards i was in hosp for 9 days and had a very long painful recovery(hated ...

Wednesday 26 November 02:13pm

TH91DC replied to topic Epidural or Spinal Block?

my first bub was an emergency c-sec and i was given general anisthetic and was knocked out the whole time totally sucked, but with my second bub i had a spinal block did hurt a bit to put in but wo...

Wednesday 26 November 02:00pm

TH91DC started new topic sept bub

hi, im 21yo and i am expecting my 2nd bub on the 16th of sept, my first is only 11 months at the moment she will b bout 13months when bubs born, hope everything goes well,

Saturday 26 July 02:59pm
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