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hi ladies congrats to those who had their bubs! love the name mummy2alexis! well bout 3.30 this morning had a small gush of my waters and was having contractions 7-8 mins apart, was like that all morning kept feeling my waters trickling out but contractions spaced out again and not sore grrr just want it to hurry up! am going into maternity unit at 4pm ta hook up to ctg for 20mins see how everythings going and make a plan of what to do next step if she doesnt hurry up! with DD i had the same thing but less water leakage and was induced - really hoped it was going to be quick this time me and hubby went for a nice hr long walk on the beach see if that would get it going more (did for a hr then died off again!)so me n hubby tad bored at the moment waiting for something to happen!so hope i get into established labour myself by tonight fingers crossed!

congrats to u that have had babies! congrats kyza on ur big bub well done! hope your birth went smooth! bubone and kellee hope u have bubs soon!sending u good labour vibes!! im still in one peice grr just want her out now! saw my MW yesterday bubs still head down engaged and ready to go so just the waiting game - which i dont have much patience 4! going to try these pre labour tablets or spray see if they do anything and keep seeing if the sex thing works (even though i feel so big n uncomfy at the moment )! my friend whos a midwife sent me this link for this youtube clip of a pregnant lady dancing and 8 hrs later bubs came! so im goin to have a dance round my lounge like a idiot see if it works for me! was my 21st yesterday so quite glad she didnt come then and gets her own birthday! anyway hope there will be more announcements on here soon!! good luck to those still waiting like me!

hi there just wanted to ask some advice! im coming up 39 wks on sunday, and my 'bits' are feeling quite swollen - is this normal? bubs is really low and pretty much fully engaged and in the right position, theres alot of pressure down there feel so heavy just want her out! im constantly having to wee all the time even if its the littlest amount. last night had a horrible sleep couldnt get comfy got up at least 5 - 6 times to wee and was feeling like its swollen down there and lots of pressure. so just wanted to ask if anyone has had the same feeling and is it normal or not?? when she moves sometimes i get like sharp pains in my bits too. with DD i never got this, she was born at 39 wks- my waters were trickling out and contractions were irregular so was induced after 24hrs. so any advice wopuld be great!

i got my prescription stuff for heart burn and have to say is the most nastiest tasting stuff ever !! had to take it twice almost spewed it all back out first time!!! but it did work for rest of day and night!

hi there! i live on a dairy farm, have a 2 yr old DD and due for 2nd DD in 2 wks! are u in nz or auz? i grew up on a sheep n beef farm myself and wouldnt have it any other way for my kids! my DD loves outdoors and animals so its the perfect lifestyle for us to bring up our family on

im 37 n 1/2 wks and still have heart burn its awfull!!! i thought it would have gone as bubs has dropped and well engaged but nope! so finally getting prescription stuff for it so will have releif finally!!!! i tried not to take much for it as mylanta and galviscon can cause a build up of antacids in the long run if you take it to often (what i was told by MW anyway!) nothing worked for me id try the quickeze but 10 min later ilt come back again just awfull heart burn!

good luck kylie fingers crossed for you your bub comes! saw my back up midwife yesterday and look likes shell be my LMC now as my midwife is still sick (my last visit with her was before xmas) and will be suppossedly for awhile still woulda p****d me off but i really like my back up so not that worried and had her for last few visits anyway. just a bit anoying when you choose someone then when you only got 2 or so wks left they arent there for u. everything still all good with lil lady still same position n what not growing perfect, MW said she has a feeling il go early so fingers crossed shes right thatl make me happy! all my bloods n iron levels are great and mid-stream urine clear so thats good! and yay got a script for my heart burn so will finally get releif from that!!! any way sending good labour vibes to all u ladies due!

hi there, like everone else said dont go over board on clothes they do grow out of the small 0000 so fast! i got alot of suits given as gifts and some of them were never even worn! we had i tight budget and rarely only got what we needed which was cot and matress, car seat, stroller, the basic clothes onsies and body suits really are the best! got given a change table with a bath in it literaly only used a handfull of times found easier giving her a shower with her dad! and changed her on a mat on the lounge floor! bouncer are also a great buy!! and just all those bits like nappys , wipes etc etc youll firgure it out right away!

congrats kelbel tyrave on your lil men! you must be so happy to have finaly here! kelbel hope his arm heals quick poor lil man how did it happen? we still in one peice here some ways im happy bout it as still have to get all those last minute things done but besides that would love her to come early just so over been huge waddling around in this heat! have started my nesting this wk!! got new curtains made with my mum on the weekend for bubs new room, vacummed all the house cleaned bathroom cleaned all the bathroom and kitchen floors (was damn sore after it!) then today i moved the spare bed out the babys room vacumed again moved stuff around and tomorrow will be moving the cot in there and draws so nesting galore!! my DDs last night in cot cant beleive my lil girls going to be in a big bed tommorw they grow up so fast so hopefully shell take to it fine with her cot moved out of her room! babys movement seem to have slowed down (still lots) not as rough dont think she has an...

congrats cazman on your early arrival! been waiting for someone to make the first announcment!! sounds like it all went really good and quick for you! 3.85 is a nice size (my first was 3.9 i thought she was huge lol)! hope u n bubs are doing well and settled well! cant beleive all our due dates are finally here! so jealous of those of you who have just days to go i feel so ready right now im over it feel like im walking around with a bowling ball between my legs feel so heavy i get sore just standing doing my dishes saw my MW on thursday (my back up one anyway) bubs still in same position head down and well engaged, measured my tummy for first time was 38cm dont really know if thats big or not at 35 &1/2 wks! been getting alot more BH now sometimes r quite sore! have a feeling aswell bubone that il go early (fx and touch wood!) kelbel i feel the same im tired all the time cant sleep proply still have damn heart burn cant do anythging without getting it - if it went away id wou...