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hi ladies hope every one doing well and all ready for xmas!( im not!) well not much news here just getting big and ready for the lil lady to come im really dreading if she goes over due now. my DD was a chubby 8lb 9 and a wk early so makes me worried bout how big shel get if i go overdue what are all the natural ways of helping kick start labour that anyone knows of? im going to try them all! want to avoid being induced this time! had my MW appiontment last wk everything looks good shes still head down back on left side feet out the right - have to keep pushing those lil feet back in its gets sore sometimes! she was in the exact same position last visit aswell 4wks ago. so see MW again next wk now. my car is in at the machanics at the moment just wouldnt start a few wks ago had to get it picked up as couldnt tow it into town, then get a txt from my DH saying there was a flipping RATS NEST up under the car and they had chewed through the f***** wires!!!! apparently they killed ...

i know the feeling aswel!!!! 34 wks now and feel so huge and heavy, trying to keep up with my DD is getting hard bubs must have of moved down in the last wk cause there is so much pressure down there!! have to pee all the damn time get up at least 3-4 times at night grrr bloody bladder! sitting feels like theres a damn watermelon sitting between me legs lol zpunkette i know what you mean im getting grumpy so quick for no reason or burst into tears! just ready to get her out now. kelbel my hips are the same aswell get so sore just from walking, doing my lawns absolutley shatters me end up aching from tummy down. spose thats just the joys of it aye!

i never knew you couldnt have custard until a lil while ago! not sure whats in it that makes it a no no but i personally would stay clear of it (i had food poisoning when i was 34 wks preg with DD - not good!)especially if its something that gets reheated and is only luke warm. if you have them piping hot might be ok though but ask your MW or DR what they think if your worried!

hi im so the same at the moment, im coming up 33 wks and have been getting quite strong BH my tummy feels rock hard and have a constant dull ache in my lower back and they also feel period crampy aswell! i never really felt any or noticed them with my 1st but can be really sore at times. collbree am so with you im ready for this to be over too! anyone finding some of bubs kicks sore? i actually say ow sometimes when she shoves her feet or elbows or knees out have to give her a lil shove to make her move them back in!

hi ladies hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for these lil bundles to arrive! well i can say im getting excited about our wee girl coming soon (not that i wasnt before was just getting worried i wasnt gonna get everything done!) cant beleive only 8 wks or 7 if shes like her sister and comes a wk early which would be nice! still havent decided on a name for her me n DH cant agree on one yet still roll eyes feeling so huge and hot now and tired i feel bad for my DD mums not much fun at the moment just have no energy - even walking tires me out with my sore hips and back arrhhgg enough of my self pitty anyway! see my MW next wk then will be evry 2 wks time is just flying so fast cant believe its 20 days til xmas - have done zero shopping! but have at least got bubs capsule & a stroller with a toddler seat for DD so thats the main big things all sorted makes me feel a smidgen more organised! has everyone else got evrthing ready for bubs? on sunday it will be mine & DH 1...

ive just purchased a hardly used valco runabout deluxe with toddler seat off trademe, buying brand new can be so pricy! i looked at alot of dif brands that do toddler seats in nz - didnt like phil and teds double (feel like you were putting your newborn in the basket!). my toddler is very nosey and likes to see everything so it had to be a seat at the front for her and the new bubs would be in the main part. so hopefully this stroller will be great!

if your looking for a book for yourself try a lesley peirce book! shes my favourite , those ones you just cant put down - try 'never look back'! if u want a pregas book try up the duff(funny book) or ina mays guide to child birth

for me i didnt have any games as was just a small brunch type thing as most of my friends couyldnt make it at the time, but my sisters shower we played: baby trivia, guess how big mums tummy is (with a peice of string), match the celeb to baby & which celeb is which baby, what feature does mum want bubs to have from her and dad, gues dob, time & weight was alot of fun! (she was 36 wks i think!)

your so not alone! i feel like a bad mum to atm im 31wks and have zero energy or get to sore or tired quick when i try to do something fun with my DD, i end up having to just lye on the couch while she plays and brings her toys to me - feel so guilty and now summers practicaly here and hot already i just feel huge and over heated! going to get my DD a pool as she loves water and then i can just lie in it with her!! so dont worry your not a bad mum we all feel guilty or like we dont do enough at some point i know i do but i just gotta memba pregnancy goes fast then il be back being a fun mum again!

hi there im due jan 30 with #2, theres the due in jan post on here with lots of mums so just join in!