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hi there, i personaly havent been to the rotorua hospital - i live in whakatane but my midwife with my 1st in the manager of the maternity unit there and she is just awesome (her name is Sue Finch) so it shopuld be really nice there! im a young mum myself and would recommend antenatal classes its really nice meeting people due the same time and having a mums group after!

thanks for the replying cazmaz & bubone09 - sounds quite complicated! i love having the one midwife all the way through it makes quite special and comfortable when it come to d day. kellee*n*olivia*n*bump (congrats on your up coming wedding!)i know exactly what you mean my bump has just got big all of a sudden now aswell look closer to 18wks than 15! still fitting my jeans so im happy, i think ive even lost a little weight in my legs and bum which is nice! jerseys getting tight around belly though so might have to some shopping oneday soon. have been getting exhausted latley though but cant really sleep during the day. have my 1st visit with my MW on thursday really looking forward to it! and am feeling movements every now and then when ive been sitting for ages which is awesme cant to feel them all the time!

hi wow twins congrats! im due with my 2nd 30.1.12 my birthday is the 24th jan so i very well myt have bubs on my 21st birthday! having twins before did u have them early?

just wanted to ask the ladies from auz about how your maternity care works?? i was reading kelbel3 & cs82's posts and had no idea you didnt have a lead maternity career? i thought it would have been the same as over in nz!! il blame that on baby brain haha

hi all been awhile since ive been on here! been so busy now calving has started (where dairy farmers!), my lil girl is finally good with the calves took her a wk to get used to them i was starting to stress that she was gna cry and want to be picked up the whole time but now cant get her away from them is so funny wtching her chasing them around the pen! feeling really tired lately but so happy now 2nd trimester am 14 wks 2days now! have a very diffenate bump now (or id like to think so haha) so jelous of those who have had their 2nd scans i cant wait to see bubs again! am looking forward to feeling those 1st movemnets in a couple wks i was 16/17 with my 1st so hopefully will be a bit earlier this time round. have 1st visit with MW next thursday so am looking forward to that. sounds like everyones doing great, congrats to dani#1 on twins that so exciting! i also will be having a surprise again think its the best u can get!

talked to my midwife yesterday on the phone about having another scan at 12 weeks checking for downs but it would be a 3 stage thing with scan bloods and amniocitisis but decided not to and just wait for 10wks till 20 wk scan! i definatly didnt want the amnio with the 1 in 2 chance of miscarriage. think i just really wanted to see bubs again soon haha been feeling so tired lately, put my lil girl down for sleep yesterday around 3 and decided il have a sleep too - didnt wake up till 6! besides fatigue this time round is way better ive only spewed few times in the mornings and think that was due to not eating, but also mood swings bit more i can be fine one minute then start crying the next (hubby not enjoyin them!)its weird! its so nice coming on here reading everyones posts, seeing im not the only one feeling that way

had 1st scan yesterday saw our wee one when bub wasnt buzzing around everywhere - very active and all looked good heard hb was 160 am officialy due 30th january ( i was hoping to be bit further along but hey aslong as bub healthy all that matters!) trying to decide if i should have 12 wk scan for downs - would they have been able to see if anything would be wrong at this stage or not???

hi there im expecting my 2nd aswell im 10 wks along and i feel like im showing already 2! with my 1st i was a size 8-10 (im 5'8) and i dnt think i really started showing till 15 weeks but i also put on 20 kgs with her so im bit bigger this time round but i think its cause everythings already stretched! im also worried about my weight this time to i struggled to lose the weight and really dont want to get bigger

hi all, havent been on for a few weeks hope everyones doing great! im around 10 wks this week have my scan booked for next tuesday so very excited to see #2 and get proper dates! had my 1st day of all day ms was horrible couldnt even keep down water, felt so bad for my little girl mum wasnt much fun that day! hopefully was 1st and last of that! still feeling tired all the time and boobs still aching anyone the same? cant wait for 1st tri to be over

hi there, im around 6 weeks pregnant with baby #2 will be due in jan 2012 very excited, i live just outside whakatane, im meeting with 3 midwifes 2morrow - sarah pike, michelle goodhew and kelly pidgeon - has anyone had any of those ladies before? my midwife with my little girl was sue finch she was fantastic loved her but shes not a lmc anymore so i just wanted to know if anyone in the region has had them before and what you thought of them?