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~Mel A~ replied to topic Employer wants me to stop work

I'm fairly certain that he cannot do that. I world recommend you contact Fair Work Australia and find out your rights.

Friday 16 September 10:51am
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic [PERTH] First time Mom, OB recommendations?

Where abouts are you located in Perth? I have recommendations for south of the river if that helps.

Saturday 12 March 12:35am
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Advice or Tips on how to keep cats AWAY and OUT OF Babys cot

Perhaps you could try one of these Should just stick to the door frame.

Tuesday 02 February 01:33pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic 1st time mummies in harrisdale

Hi Iresha, I live in Harrisdale. My son is a toddler so probably not what you're looking for but thought I would reply and let you know what I found out after my son was born. After your bab...

Tuesday 06 October 09:35pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Can't stand my partners grandmother kissing my 3 month old on the lips!!!

Personally I think you're being over sensitive. I don't see an issue with it (within reason of course) but then maybe that's just me as I chose to take a very relaxed approach to tho...

Wednesday 16 September 08:34am
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Stopping pill and TTC

You would count the 14th as the start of your cycle.

Friday 03 July 08:43am
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic PAID PARENTAL LEAVE

About 6 weeks from birth for me.

Tuesday 30 June 09:17pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic formula problems

My son was breastfed for 10 months and then I changed to formula. Started with S26 and it gave him the runs (took awhile to figure that out as he had gastro around the same time). Switched to Kar...

Monday 22 June 10:24pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Pregnant or not pregnant 2nd baby

If there's a second line (even if it's feint) then I would say you're pregnant. It should get darker as the days pass. I suggest you test again in a few days.

Sunday 21 June 10:22am
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Staying dry through the night

I was having this issue with my DS who is 15 months old. He's in Huggies toddler nappies which are fine during the day but he was waking up soaked in the morning. He's a tummy sleeper and...

Wednesday 10 June 09:40am
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic What's the best formula for a one week old?

I'm certainly no expert so please don't quote me but you could try just the normal one ie.not the gold version. I've heard the gold versions can be to much for them to handle. It wi...

Tuesday 02 June 05:45pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic My 14 month won't eat...!

My DS went through the same thing at the same age (he's 15 months now) where he barely ate anything except the good stuff as you say. I'm pretty sure in his case it was because he was cut...

Friday 29 May 07:24pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic what size quilt

I always put double quilts on single beds. They are long down the sides but not too long and don't touch the floor.

Thursday 30 April 11:11pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic 4 year old still sleeping in our room

Look up Supernanny's Stay in Bed technique. I haven't tried it but she always uses it on her TV show and it seems to work.

Saturday 25 April 06:01pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Perth Obs and hospital?

Hi Mira, I can recommend both Dr Brian Molloy and Dr Colin Blair at St John of God Murdoch. I had Dr Molloy for 8 months and then transferred to Dr Blair for the last month as Dr Molloy was having ...

Thursday 16 April 09:18am
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Tuna mornay...

Well if you make it let me know if the kids like it.

Tuesday 07 April 11:46pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Tuna mornay...

Tuna moray is one of my all time favourite go to meals. Quick to make and cheap as well. Here's my recipe: 1 large tin of tuna drained 2 cups of milk 3 tablespoons of plain flour 1 onion di...

Tuesday 07 April 07:47pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic When to stop Breast Feeding

I fed DS to 10 months. I wanted to feed to 12 months but he got gastro and wasn't interested in feeding and when he did he'd just chew my nipples so I stopped and he wasn't fussed t...

Friday 20 March 04:15pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Is this fun yet?

I think it's completely normal to feel this way. I hated pregnancy....with a passion! And I hated that I felt that way lol. For me it was a means to an end. I wanted a baby and to get one ...

Sunday 08 February 07:02pm
~Mel A~

~Mel A~ replied to topic Looking for playgroup - Southern River/ Canning Vale/ Harrisdale

I am in Harrisdale. My boy is 8.5 months. I am in a mother's group with babies all around the same age. I have sent you a follow request so I can PM you. You will need to accept my request be...

Wednesday 12 November 01:01am
~Mel A~
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